Misleading Headlines

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On any given day all one has to do is open their FaceBook account, look at their newsfeed, and you can be sure that out of all the stories that are posted there, if you open several, there are going to be many that have mislead you with their titles.

I realize they are trying to improve readership, but trying to draw you in with titles that are misleading isn't the way to do it. If they want to get more readers, then maybe if they improved their stories, things that actually would interest people, then they would get those readers they so badly crave.

A case in point is a story I read earlier this very morning. The title claimed that an infamous trophy hunter took her own life because of cyberbullying. Apparently, she was being harassed so badly she killed herself.

After I opened the article and read it, halfway down the article it stated that it was not known if cyberbullying had anything to do with her decision to "off" herself. So why did the title say it had?

I also want to bring to light that many seem to think they know you and what is in your head and heart by reading a simple comment. I made a comment below the post, complaining about the misleading headline, and also added it is too bad she killed herself and it is also bad killing for fun.

I had several different people respond to me, one saying,"thank you for pointing out how cold-hearted you are" and another saying that "I wasn't helping to champion my cause with such comments". Another blasted me because as they stated, Hunting is a sport dipshit if you don't like it, too bad!

I'm not sure how either responder got what they did out of my comment, but they sure do seem to know more about me than they really do. I'm still wondering what cause I'm supposed to be championing. As to the hunting as a sport, years ago I was an avid hunter, as were my father, brothers and my sons. We didn't hunt for trophies though, we hunted for meat.



I've never felt the need to have a giraffes head hung up in my living room!

I'm sure there are many against hunting for food, well, I'm not getting into that argument today, just going to say hunting for fun and hunting for food, are much different, but I wonder, how does giraffe taste?





Not a Profession I’d Pursue or Even Want To

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As much as I enjoy writing, I'd have never wanted to be a journalist/reporter. I'm sure there are many who would disagree, particularly those who are journalists, and probably have many reasons as to why they like their profession.

I'd also have to think those journalists/reporters on TV may very well like what they do, but me, nope, wouldn't do it. Having to pry into people's personal lives isn't something I'd want to do, especially the way some of these reporters "get right in the face" of those they are interviewing.

Recently, I was watching a special news report, and was very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the report, which was nothing we didn't know before, hasn't changed. The event I'm talking about was the "update" on our niece who has been missing since June, and is assumed dead. Also assumed to have been murdered by a former boyfriend.

The former boyfriends body was found on a property last week, and was determined that he committed suicide, many think out of guilt. He never left a note, a hint, or a clue, to the whereabouts of our nieces body, if it was he, who killed her. The slimy little fuck.

Journalists must get tired of what I will say are three common answers, that give us no information and often seem to skirt the issues.

  1. No Comment
  2. We don't know
  3. We can't divulge that at this time as it is an ongoing investigation.

The "no comment" is usually from people we often presume are guilty of some crime, and it is their way of saying they have no intention of incriminating themselves, although this is understandable, it's annoying at all times.

The "I don't know..." then the journalist has apparently been asking the wrong people for information, or they are being lied to.

The "I can't divulge that at this time", well then why the fuck did you hold a news conference in the first place? Why waste the family's time,build up their hope, and all those who  actually cares time, only to be disappointed once again?We heard this answer several times in the update, and it infuriates the crap out of me.

After the news conference I watched the other day, my heart went out to our nieces family, especially her mother. This lady has had her hopes built up so many times,only to have them pulled out from under her feet. Interviewed time and time again, and for what reason?

They ask the same dayum questions, and she has no answers, she only knows her little girl is still missing, and likely will never be coming home again.

Nope, I'd never want to be a reporter or a journalist. I just don't have that in me...


I Really Have To Wonder Sometimes

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I can't begin to tell you how much this aggravated me when I saw it today. Not is it foolish as to who is protesting, a middle-aged white woman, but just the idea in itself is foolish.

I realize that slavery was a very bad thing, no one should be able to own another person, and completely control every aspect of their life. At the same time, this happened long ago and was basically abolished at the cost of many lives.

If one was to apply this same ideal to other things that occurred so long ago, the Native Americans and  Native Canadians should also be asking for reparations. They had all their lands and rights taken away, and forced to live on reservations. Shouldn't they expect to be paid for all they lost?

The Jews who had relatives completely wiped out in Nazi prison/internment camps, should they ask for reparations as well.

What of the Japanese who were placed in camps during the war, they came to a new country to live in peace, make a new life, and at the first outset of war were imprisoned as potential security risks to the American populace. They should get onboard the reparation bandwagon as well.

Those atrocities are long since over, and people expecting to get paid for something that occurred that long ago should finally get over it and move on with their lives, and quit expecting something for nothing. There are no more slaves as it applies to this nutcases' protest.

If these people are so concerned about slavery, maybe they should look into the slavery of today where it applies to some of the rich people who own businesses and are having their products made in foreign countries by child labor, which is just about the same as slave labor.

They should also be more concerned about young women and men who are grabbed off the street and forced into prostitution, It happens every day. I use the term young women and men, but usually, it is teens and younger...

No, we are not going to pay reparations, and if anyone thinks we are, they'll never live to see it... cause it isn't ever going to happen.


Well, This will Piss a Few Off

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I wasn't alive during the First, Second or Korean wars. I grew up around men who were, and who served. I can't imagine how awful it must have been for those men, their families. Waiting for them to come home, and the solders themselves, going into battle and wondering if their efforts were going to help put an end to the killing.

When I was growing up, the Vietnam war was in full swing. The US entered this war, and also, there were Canadian troops there as well, we, the Canucks were there to keep the beer cold, because other than that, I have no idea why we were there. I was surprised during the Vietnam war, there were so many Americans "stationed" in Canada, I have no idea why, but there sure were a lot of them... many still here, I wonder if they became citizens, or are we harbouring Murikan illegal immigrants?

Today, there are still wars going on, and I often wonder why we as Canadians are involved, and why it seems every war on the planet the Murikans are there? Are they "invited"? Does everyone want the "murikans" to come to their war?

I often see people thank american soldiers for their service, as they should be, but I often wonder if they, these soldiers think, we haven't saved our country at all, we were sent to a foriegn country and have no idea why?

I know they haven't protected my freedom, and I'm pretty sure they haven't protected their fellow Murikans freedom either. There isn't any war going on in our respected countries.

Lower gas prices isn't freedom, although thats what seems to "fuel" these wars on foriegn soil. No, These men and women aren't protecting yours or my freedom, it's sad they give their lives to the money makers, and big bank machines... the ones who fund both sides of every conflict, not caring who wins or loses, they are making profits either way.

So on this November 11th, remember those who died who actually were protecting our freedom, and remember those who are dying in vain, just for the sake of those greedy bastards who make money on their blood...


It Was Immaculate Conception…He Wanted Another One!

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Oh, where do I start? I sit here playing on my little "puter" which is located next to the TV in the living room. I'm a prisoner to what programs I get to see, mainly because my wife has the remote in a death grip. Her viewing pleasure is much different than mine.

She enjoys crime stories, and what some call "reality" TV. You know, the important stuff...Jerry Springer, Maury, and every judge show ever to disgrace the airwaves. One, in particular, comes to mind, Lauren Lakes Paternity Court!

The script is usually the same, girl looking for baby daddy. He denies sleeping with her, meanwhile, his wife, who is standing beside him yells and screams "the bitch is lying, no way he her baby daddy"! So the usual testimony ensues, both calling each other whores, deadbeats, and both claiming the opposite of whatever lies they are telling.

Sometimes some other poor bastard gets thrown into the mix, and he denies having an intimate relationship with the baby momma. Finally, as it seems to me, the judge gets tired of their bantering and asks the bailiff for the DNA results.

So there stands the baby momma, the accused baby daddy and his wife, and the other poor guy who got called to court. Then the judge begins, the DNA results are in, and in the case of this baby... and then commercial! So since I've been stuck watching this bullshit, that's when I'd love to have the extra cash to buy another TV set, because this one I have, would become a UFO, otherwise.

The commercial is over, the announcement was that neither accused baby daddy is actually the baby daddy. WAIT, it's not over. Then the judge looks at the baby moma and asks her if she might know who it was that she fucked that got her knocked up. Many times they look up all doe-eyed at the judge and say, No your honor.

Just once I'd love to hear some guy from the back row in the courtroom yelled out, It was an immaculate conception, your honor, He wanted another one after that last fiasco!"



Oh well, one can only hope...