You Can Only Put 5 Pounds of Crap, In A 5 Pound Bag.

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When It All Goes Crazy

I really wasn't sure what I was going to say in this post, I still don't, so I'm just going to wing it. This past year has been a shit storm. Side against side, man against woman, Republicans against Democrats, and liberals against conservatives. It's all came down to, "he said, she said", and nobody is really understanding what the hell anybody has really meant. 

Lies piled on top of lies, and the media machine helping with the distribution. Social media has become a battlefield with all these political posts, not a place to visit friends, spread a joke, or even a heartwarming story. It truly is saddening. 

Anyone like myself, well speaking for myself, I find it all very confusing. I'm not very politically motivated at all, I'm quite certain there will be a few who beg to differ to that statement, but my good friends will know I speak the truth about that. You see there are times I'll find something that interests me or I find amusing, and if it's political, it doesn't matter, I'll usually post it, and try to post it to where some of the more blatant idiots I've come to dislike over the years will get an eyeful of it.  Call me a shit disturber if you will, but I find it quite amusing at times. 

One of the things I do understand are lies, and lately, we have seen some real dillies posted by a  certain political and world leader. How do I know they have been lies because usually the first post is followed by proof of what he said he said, and what he actually said. When you are either that forgetful, or just plain arrogant, or maybe even a little down the genius scale, you should keep your fingers away from a keyboard of any type, I don't care if its even a piano keyboard, step back, put your hands in your pocket, till the feeling passes.

So in a few short days, the year will come to an end, a new one shall begin. I guess we can count ourselves lucky we have made it this far, with all thats been going on! 

SnowFlakes, Snowflakes Every Where

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Was It Something We Did or Said?

This morning, as I do every morning, got out of bed, made the coffee, took care of the morning rituals, then turned on the idiot box to see if I could catch the morning weather, and local news. As I sat down with coffee in hand, the weather came on, and as I suspected, they told me plain and simple, It's COLD! Going to be COLD! 

Well, at least they got it right. Just after this informative weather forecast, instead of local news, a program came on with a panel of educators, and a few students, to discuss the increase in high anxiety and depression of todays college and university students. I have to tell you, I almost spit a mouthful of coffee when I heard that. 

I'm not sure why todays students are any more stressed than those that came before them, I realize the world has changed, but we as a living breathing lifeforce adapt and change as well, or maybe I should say some of us have... It seems that this Me! Me! generation is a generation of pussies and snowflakes, and need us to treat them as the babies they seem to be. 

We have to be careful in all we say around them or to them because their little feelings get hurt. This is really evident on Social media sites, where they run to an admin to block or have someone removed should they actually be told off about something stupid they did or said.  

Getting back to this panel, there was even one young "lady" who had a service dog to help her with her anxiety. I'm not sure how that works, but I recalled being on a bus one day when she came on the bus with her service dog. She sat down, the dog layed on the floor by her feet, I guess that is what a service dog does for people who have anxiety problems. 

One of the other young lady's on the panel was about 100 pounds overweight, and here she was telling this panel how her depression and anxiety was affecting her sleeping, she wasn't able to eat, or drink, and taking one look at her, she should have thought it a godsend she couldn't be stuffing her pie hole full, she sure didn't look like she missed too many meals to me. 

I'm thinking these afflicted with so much anxiety and depression, should, at their respective universities and colleges become psychiatrists, then they could treat themselves, and we wouldn't have to listen to this bullshit.

Reaching Out and Touching Someone in a Bad Way!

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Phone Scammers

Well, Ho, Ho, Ho... tis the season and all that. Sadly many take this time of the year to try and scam unsuspecting and vulnerable people out of their meager savings. Scammers abound this time of year, although their presence is felt year round.

So there I was, sitting at my "puter" and the phone rang. Normally the wife grabs it, I'm not much for yapping on the phone. The wife wasn't here though, she was down in the laundry room because, well, she took my threat of going to work naked, seriously. So she decided she'd wash some of my clothes. Anyway, got off the subject at hand... the phone. I answered, and it was one of those annoying automated messages, which are harder to understand than a MacDonalds Drive through attendant on crack. 

The jist went that if I didn't return the call to the provided number, my ass was going to be in big trouble. So, me being the worrying sort, after all, I'm too old and still too pretty to go to jail, I returned the call. The "gentleman" who answered, Jim Jones, speaking in a very east Indian accent, told me I owed the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) $5,604.10. I guess he assumed using a very precise number as he did, would make it sound that much more official. 

I let this dickhead yap on for about 15 minutes, he telling me all the things that were going to happen, if I didn't pay the stated amount... loss of property, a fine levied on top of what I owe, jail time, and the list went on. So I "politely," told him he was a fucking scam artist and to FUCK OFF! 

Image by Getty Images

After doing so, I went to the reverse 411 directory and found the location of the caller, I also saw that he was using a legitimate company's name, although he and his cohorts are not associated with that company in the very least.

I called the legit company and went to their public relations department, where I, of course, listened to a long spiel from an answering machine. The thing that caught my attention was the very last item, "In the event you have received a harassing phone call, alert your local police department!"

Hearing that, I am assuming they have been contacted by others, besides me. 

Anyway, this was my little bit of amusement for the day. I also decided to do a little research about what can be done about these phone scamming motherfuckers, and found this information:

What to do if you are a victim of a phone scammer:
Step 1: Gather all information about the fraud. This includes documents, receipts, copies of emails and/or text messages.

Step 2: Report the incident to your local police. This ensures that they are aware of which scams are targeting their residents and businesses. Keep a log of all your calls and record all file or occurrence numbers.

Step 3: Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Step 4: Report the incident to the financial institution where the money was sent (e.g., money service business such as Western Union or MoneyGram, bank or credit union, credit card company or internet payment service provider).

Step 5: If the fraud took place online through Facebook, eBay, a classified ad such as Kijiji or a dating website, be sure to report the incident directly to the website. These details can be found under "report abuse" or "report an ad."

Step 6: Victims of identity fraud should place flags on all their accounts and report to both credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion.

Well, folks, I hope this was a little entertaining for you all, me, I was amused. Now I'm off because I'm busy! Have a GREAT DAY!

Making Unnecessary Excuses

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Something is Terribly Wrong

For some reason, there are people who seem to not be able to comprehend the difference between disease and addiction. Some of these people are so-called experts. Why some of them have to make excuses for weak minded people the way they do is beyond my comprehension! 

A disease is something you can catch, or you can be born with it. They can make you sick, they can kill you, but it is something you don't get purposely. You can't counsel a disease to remove it. It has to be treated, ironically, with drugs! Some examples, as if anyone reading needed any are a common cold, the flu, cancer, and the list could go on, but meth and heroin are not diseases, they are addictions. Sadly, one of the ways to treat drug addiction is with other less "harmful" drugs like methadone. Have you ever seen anyone on that crap? They are like the walking dead. 

Alcoholism is not a disease, it too is an addiction. Yet we have these half-assed experts calling it a disease. I don't think there are too many alcoholics running around telling anyone they caught their addiction from anyone else, although alcoholism sometimes runs in families, one sees grandpa sucking back a bottle of wine daily, then decided, hmmm, maybe I should give this a try,  but it isn't passed down like an inheritance.

Meth and heroin addiction are just that, an addiction. Many people are addicted from day one. Crack is one of the worst and is killing today's youth, not only through its use, but through bad deals gone wrong, but it is not a disease. It is an ADDICTION!

We have to stop making excuses for these people. We have to teach our children these substances can kill you, they can take away everything you worked for, your family, your children, can all be taken away because of your addiction. We have to start when they are young and impressionable. We also have to stop this nonsense about gateway drugs. 

Any parent who is dealing with a child who has an addiction, my heart goes out to you. It isn't easy seeing a loved one rot from the inside out, it isn't easy when your wife and yourself are going out, and she realizes her jewelry isn't there any longer, or you go to that safe of yours and when you open it, the savings you had has disappeared. When appliances or tools are not where they were, and suddenly you realize where they have gone, or rather you realize how and why they have disappeared.

It isn't easy when you confront your child and all you hear are either excuses or lies. The usual lie is I didn't do it, or, I promise, I'm going to get help. The help lie is the worse of all because they build up hope in you, and you are expecting them to follow through, and most times they never do. 

Often while you are waiting for them to follow through, the thing you never expected to happen, happens. You have a cop come to your door telling you they have found your child in some ditch or dive, dead. Usually from what they call a suspected overdose. 

You bury that child, and what you have buried is an addict, not someone who has died of disease, but a once healthy child who couldn't say no to their inner demons and drugs. 

Treatment of addicts is where I think these so-called experts confuse disease with addiction. Mainly because the treatment is much like treating a disease. Still, no reason to confuse the two. 

No, addiction is not a disease, it is plain and simple... addiction is an addiction.

For anyone reading, this is just my personal take, opinion, what is yours? I'd love to hear from you.

Forbidden You Say???

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Well, Folks, You Decide…

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

Yes, folks, we go back in time to find out what the 7 forbidden words are that can’t be said on TV and Radio, as stated by George Carlin, a man well beyond his and our time… we miss you, George.

  • Shit
  • Piss
  • Fuck
  • Cunt
  • Cocksucker
  • Motherfucker
  • Tits


Now some of you may find the above words offensive, me, they are a daily part of my vocabulary. Some may say I have a limited vocabulary, I say to them, Fuck off you cunt. 

No, I wouldn’t say that to them, at least not out loud, I would hate to offend someone in that way… Not!

The only thing I can say is that these seven words are much more offensive than what the Trump admins seven words are. Their choice of offensive and words not to be used make no sense to me, and I’m sure it has many other people shaking their heads as to why as well. Although since Trump has taken office, shaking heads and wondering what he’s doing is a common practice.


Now then…


If That Ain’t a Shit Eating Grin…

In their infinite wisdom the Trump administration has decided these words shall not pass the lips of the CDC and probably hope the “Murikan” public. I often wonder where this admin comes up with their ideas, and I’m sure there are many sane people living in Murika, that wonder the same thing. Anyway, here they are…

  • Vulnerable
  • Entitlement
  • Diversity
  • Transgender
  • Fetus
  • Evidence-based
  • Science-based



I seem to be at a loss as to why these particular words have been blacklisted? I realize Trump has an allergy to facts of any kind, so that may explain the last two.

Vulnerable, well not sure about that, maybe because he is vulnerable to facts?

Entitlement I get. He is and always has been entitled, started with his daddy, guess he thinks no one knows.

Diversity, nope, don’t understand this one.

Transgender, well we know why this one is here, no explanation needed.

Fetus…well, I have an idea, but well, I’m still at a loss here.


Well, folks, you are going to have to decide and figure this pile of crap out for yourself, just writing this gave me a dayum headache.