The Lack Of Common Courtesy

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Something Has Gone Horribly Wrong

At any given moment, at any given place, there they are. Our "Me" generation youth heads down and fingers moving a thousand miles an hour. Texting away and for hours on end. The sad part, or one of the many, is this is about all the exercise they get through the day. I'm surprised they don't have fingers the size of fence poles. cell phone

Of course, you have to have a degree in hieroglyphics to understand what most of these texts are saying.  The abbreviations are mind-blowing. My granddaughters sometimes text me, and I get embarrassed at the many times I have to ask them what they are saying. Then when they realize they will have to "spell" it out for me, they become embarrassed, because like many and I'd wager like most teenagers today, they have a hard time even spelling c-a-t, cat! 

To point fingers as to how and why this has happened is pointless. I'm sure we all could debate this for hours on end, and I don't think any of us would be completely satisfied with the results. It's just a never-ending circle of hopelessness...

Waiting...Still Waiting

I'm Still Waiting...

  One of the things that annoy me more than anything, is getting a text, answering it, and waiting for a reply. Not that it is world-shattering or world ending if I don't, just that sometimes my texts do require replies, and if I don't receive them, then I'm often at a complete loss as to what my next move may well be. 

If you had the time to send the first message, I would think you have the time to at the very least answer my reply, if one is needed. After all, it is common courtesy, if we were standing in the same room side by side, and you asked me a question, instead of me answering you, I just walked off with you standing there with your mouth open, waiting for a reply... wouldn't that just piss you off a little? 


All it takes is a brief moment of your time, a simple yes or no, or just even a maybe... Not answering someone is rude, and it often leads to much more than if you'd have had the common courtesy of sending that awaited answer. Ah well, I have to go, I'm waiting for a text...

Just Another Normal Day

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Today a woman got on the bus,

She wasn't quite like the rest of us...

She smelled of cookies but looked like dough...

and the fat bitch almost crushed my toe...

Public transportation sucks at the best of times, but put a busload of people, dressed in warm, hot winter clothing, on a wet and cold snowy day, with the heater on the bus blasting, making the whole place smell like a wet dog, and then... A woman, who if you painted her ass yellow and painted two red dots on there, would look like a school bus from behind, waddles on the bus banging into people and stepping on peoples feet as she goes along... She couldn't help but tramp on other peoples feet, because she hasn't seen her own feet for years, and has no idea where they are or where they are going.

That was the start of my early morning. I guess it could have been worse, I could have been wearing sandals, instead of the steel-toed work boots I had on. Speaking of that, does anyone know how to take dents out of steel-toed work boots? 

Since it was a cold and wet snow day, the bus was full to capacity, mainly because many people have finally realized they have no idea how to drive in the snow and have taken to bus travel on days like this. Not  just because they can't drive in snow, but
because they can't afford the high insurance premiums after having a stream of accidents each winter.

Anyway, I got to my designated arrival point and made my way to my friends' house. He and I had a house to check out. By checking out I mean whether or not he and I would take on what work the owners had in mind. It was about a 40-minute drive and after hauling in the driveway, we knew before going inside they would be looking for another crew. Since we were already there, we did go inside and have a look. Yup, they'll be looking for someone else to take on this bad boy. 

So once again off we went for another 40 minutes drive for the return trip through the snow. We had another job on the go, so at least we had something to do for the rest of the day. This was another of those jobs from hell, which was started by someone else who shouldn't have started it in the first place. This happens quite often, people take on work they can't really do, thinking to watch a 30 minute YouTube video and they'll have no problem. After the homeowner realizes this and eventually fires them, they have to call in people who do know what they are doing, and it costs them double to have it finished.

I arrived home around 5:30 this evening, feeling tired, and a little older than normal, and the snow, even after it falling and making the city look clean for at least a little while, didn't make me feel much better. I guess some days, and we all have them I'm told, we just want to sit down and tune out our surroundings, and hope that later we arrive at a better place in our mind.

FaceBook Annoyance

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If you are anything like I am, I visit my friends on FaceBook regularly, and maybe even chat with a few. After that, I look at my newsfeed to see what is new and if there is anything I take interest in. Often there will be a little something there I want to investigate a little more, and then that's when old hell breaks loose, and my temperature rises to the point I am fearful of the top of my head blowing off. 

 For some reason, whoever has posted this little tidbit of interesting info I want to check out a little more, they have decided to load the page with a few thousand ads that take forever to load, causing the page I want to scroll through to load even slower. Usually, these pages have 20 to 30 "facts" and you are waiting forever to get through them because of all the fucking ads they have on the page. I come to the point that I lose interest and patience just because of this. 



I think everyone deserves to make a living wage, and if your way is by peddling crap with ads that's fine, but do you have to put a few thousand on the same page? Spread them out a little, take a chance, so we the viewing public can actually see and read what we opened the page for in the first place. 

Along with the ads being an annoyance, we have the unscrupulous who like to mislead us with their headlines. So if you do stay on a page long enough to put up with the ads, you then find that after reading/looking at the entire article, what you were looking for, isn't THERE! I really wish there was someone appointed to police these newsfeed stories and make sure what we are buying into, is actually what we wanted in the first place. I say put the fuckers in FaceBook jail! 




The Should Have Been Comedian?

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So on any given day, I take two or four buses, depending on where it is I have to get to. Now contrary to popular belief, I am a people person. When I'm at a bus stop waiting, and someone walks up to the stop, my usual reaction is to say Hello! Some return the greeting, and some ignore as if deaf and dumb. If saying Hello is hard for you, I feel sorry for you. 

Most days the buses run pretty well on time, and if you take the bus as often as I do, you don't have to stand around too long and wait, mainly because you know the schedule. It comes in handy this time of year when it's so dayum cold out, the less time standing and waiting, the less time you have to freeze and end up pissing icicles when you get home. 

The Comedian

Yesterday I had to go to a job site and finish a little sanding. The entire process took me 20 minutes, the trip there and back took 2 1/2 hours. On my return trip, I was standing at the bus stop, and there was a middle-aged couple waiting there as well. I gave my usual "Hi!" and was ignored, so I stood there silently waiting for the bus. As I stood there, a woman approached the bus stop and stood beside me. All at once she began a bit of chatter, asking me how long the bus would be, and where did I have to go. Now usually I don't receive this sort of attention and it took me off guard, although I will admit it was very nice to have someone to talk to while waiting instead of standing there like a statue.

She told me her baby sister was actually at the bus terminal writing a test to become a bus driver! She then started telling jokes to me. One right after another, and they were funny too! She also told me a little of her family and concentrated mostly on her young nieces and nephew. She was very funny and very pleasant, and the wait for the bus didn't seem to be that bad, although it was colder than a witches tit out. 

Meanwhile, the other couple that had been waiting for the bus had moved a little further away from the two us, which by the way, we were laughing away and having a great time. Maybe they thought we were waiting for the "special bus" and they should keep their distance. Anyway, we paid them no mind and continued with our conversation, and her with her funny stories and jokes. 

It's so nice to have someone to talk to at times, because of most times, this is what you see at the bus stop... Zombies texting and no acknowledgment of their surroundings...

Finally, the bus arrived, and she and I entered laughing. She sat down in front, and since there was a lack of seating there, I moved on toward the back, but not before wishing her a great day, and telling her I hoped her baby sister did well on her test. A very nice lady, a nice lady indeed! Maybe the next time I take that same route I'll be lucky enough to run into her again!

Waiting for the Bus

Missing Life and An Apology

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Before I begin this post I wanted to apologize to all of you who come to visit my ramblings and take the time to read and leave a comment. My site was acting strange and giving me all kinds of problems, so I decided to delete it and redo it all. I had downloaded a special plugin in order to export all my work, in the hope of keeping all the content, but in the process, I lost all the comments I had received. I tried to recover them but didn’t have any luck. I do have them, I just haven’t figured out how to import them where they belong. I’m hopeful that I will eventually figure it out! I do hope this doesn’t stop any of you from returning, reading and commenting, because I truly do appreciate all of you who drop in.

Today I was strolling along the sidewalk and up ahead of me I noticed a middle-aged woman walking toward me. She had her head down and was texting on her phone, completely oblivious to her surroundings. She was slowly approaching a parking meter, and I was just about to yell when she looked up and just stopped short of running into it. She was very lucky, I know, because as a kid I ran into one, and it hurt and was very embarrassing as well.

I see people every day walking down the sidewalk texting away, often running into other people, who often are texting away as well. I have even seen them almost get hit by a car not even looking before they cross the street. Then when the driver of a car blows their horn or yells, they look indignant and act as if the driver was at fault. They should actually be thankful the driver was paying attention and had the time to stop before they ended up as a hood ornament.

Now I’m sure anyone reading this is going to assume these are usually teenagers, but sadly it isn’t. Full grown adults who are supposed to set an example for the younger generation, whether they want us to or not, are also doing this. How do we expect them to learn any common sense if we don’t use common sense ourselves?

It’s kind of sad that so many are walking through life, heads down, eyes stuck on a little screen, and missing so much in life around them.