Out of My Comfort Zone

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Politics is not my cup of Tea!

I'm sure many of you have heard me say I don't do politics. I usually avoid them like the plaque. However, from time to time I make comments on political issues, usually just to piss some people off. I'm sure many have heard me say how sorry I feel for the "Murikans" mainly because Trump was elected as pres. 

I feel sorry for them mainly because I find this asshole one of the most dishonest political figures in history. This asshat is going to his own properties, and actually charging his secret service agents for rooms and much more. WHY? If he is so inclined to go play golf, and these men and women who are being paid to protect him, why should they be footing the bill? 

The main reason he is playing so much golf is just for that reason, the son of a bitch is making a killing. 

I saw a twitter post today, it said Melania doesn't look happy. Well, she knew going into it she wasn't necessarily going to be happy, she was planning ahead. When the old bastard dies, then shes going to be happy. I'm just wondering how she can shag this old bastard without throwing up? Well, she made her bed, she can lie in it. I have no pity for her. 

Now then, lets talk about the "Dons" children. Holy crap on a cracker, these little pricks, born into entitlement, have no clue as to how the world actually works, When they get arrested for their crooked dealings, they are going to be in for a big surprise. I hope they stock up on Vaseline, cause they are going to get fucked more up the ass then the "Murikan" people are at the moment. 

Make America Great Again... yup, while you are supporting child labor to make your products... support your country, buy American... yup, made in China through kids who have no idea what they are producing is going to a millionaire and his family, making money off of your sweat.   Let's not forget hiding/laundering money with buying diamonds... yup, this is sure an upstanding family, and there are people who are standing behind them. 

Speaking of standing behind, if I was a young lady, I wouldn't trust Trump to stand behind me, he seems to think that grabbing them by the pussy is fine, after all, he's a star. Well, hopefully this piece of shit is a falling and dying star. 

Sorry folks, just my rant for the month! 

If this isn’t the most shit eating grins I’ve ever seen…