Recovering, Slowly but Surely

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A Pain in My Ass!

The weekend has passed, and I was busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Things to do around our little abode, and since the wife has been down, she is having a bout with some sort of chest infection. If you knew my wife, she has a lot of chest to get infected. She sounds much like a cat drowning in oatmeal when she coughs, or snores. I'm sending her off to the doctors today, cause no one should sound like she is.

So I've been doing my duty as maid, chief cook and bottle washer. I don't mind, it's just that it is taking me away from a few things I have to get done and can't get at. About all of those household duties, the one I don't mind doing is the cooking, I actually like to cook.

I've been having troubles myself the last couple of days, I am having a bout with my sciatic nerve, causing pain from the bottom of my left ass cheek right down to the back of my left knee. So literally, I have a pain in the ass.

While I was online yesterday, I got into a little war on Twitter, and afterwards got a warning from them... no big deal, I guess being truthful and brutally honest, doesn't sit well with some people. Too bad snowflakes, that's just the way I am. If you'd like to see the blog that came as a result from my little tirade, it is here:


The one thing I planned on doing last evening was watch the Comey interview on the television program, 20/20. I wanted to see this man in a non-political environment, and hear what he had to say. I'm usually a very good judge of people on a face to face meeting, and this was as close as I'd ever get to meeting him, so I watched, looked for all the telltale signs of lying... and saw none. I think the man was being honest, and took him for his word. I'd be much more quick to believe him before I'd believe anything that came from Trumps mouth, for sure.

I haven't heard yet, if his ratings beat the interview of Stormy Daniels, the porn star who did the nasty with Trump, I'd say the ratings will be probably quite close, though. Funny, how everyone wanted to hear what a porn star was going to say about this poor excuse of a man,Trump. He's become the poster child for How To Possibly Catch an STD!

Today finds me wondering what I should do first, the housework, or shuttle my wife off to the doctors, shes sleeping at the moment, since this illness has her up and down through the night. I think I'll let her rest for awhile, she needs it and deserves it. my little side job I have going will have to wait for one more day, so I can get the wifey checked out and put the house in order. I just may haul that rack of ribs out of the freezer and do them up for a nice dinner this evening.



Let The Bodies Lay Where They Fall

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Good and Bad!

Watching some old western movies on the idiot box this weekend. You know, the old dusters where the good guys wear white, and the bad guys wear black, just so we know who is who, I guess. I don't know who decided to start this, but I never thought it was a necessity.

Yet when it comes right down to it, could you imagine if in real life, we would have to do this. The good people would wear white, the bad people would wear black. The problem with this, who would decide who is who? I'm picturing the whole of the world, most ending up wearing black, while that idiot in the White House and his family all wearing white. He'd probably let his most trusted flunkies wear an off shade of gray...

Just like the old westerns, Trump and all, are leaving the bodies lay where they fall, and that is bad enough, but after they fall, he has decided he has to bad mouth the fallen, and disgrace them, which by most standards, only makes him look worse than he already does. I wonder if he ever has a lucid moment when he is almost thinking like a normal person, and thinks, I'm going to be remembered as the worse president in American history... I'm sure if he does, it's a quick and fleeting moment.


Sex, Lies, and Pee-Pee tapes

the wranglers have all gathered in town after the long drive, saddled up to the bar, drinks flow, and finally they are ready to find the whores. each finding one for awhile and off they go. The next day they awake hungover, more tired than they were the night before, and sick. Yet they are happy, and they brag to each other about the night before...

There is always that one, who lies a little more than the others. Depending on the situation, depends on what lies he tells. So it goes with the orange gremlin in the White House. If he's with the "good ole boys" he's a stud, and he's a rock star. If he's standing delivering a bullshit speech in front of a crowd and reporters, and is being asked about his extramarital affairs, he has never had any... at least according to him. Yet there have been many women who have come forward to prove otherwise. Between sexual assaults, affairs with a Playboy bunny, and even a porn star, (who his lawyer paid off for him) he denies, and sadly, many of the snowflakes who voted for him and follow his every word, believe this pile of shit.

Now we are all waiting for the release of the famous pee-pee tape. Apparently he enjoys watching women piss over each other. I'm not sure what the enjoyment of that is, but it is said he likes and enjoys this. I wonder if hes ever considered asking his wife and daughter to participate in these actions... something that wouldn't surprise most, although would shock many. If this tape made it to Netflix, it would be the most watched, I'm sure!

Misplaced Outrage

I've never understood how some people are able to be blind to the truth, and argue over that truth as if it doesn't exist. The perfect example of this, is watching Trump supporters defend this piece of shit of a man. He has no honor at all, and when he spits out of  of his mouth saying Make "Murika Great Again" and yet the tariffs he placed on China, and the tariffs China placed in return, his whole dayum family who have all their goods produced in China, and they are EXEMPT from those tariffs. So making America great again, depends on who and what.

After the bombings in Syria this past weekend, which we've been told were successful, (although it has come out that the capabilities of ASSAD to gas again is still there) people are starting to be afraid. They must remember as well, the last time this idiot bombed Syria, someone had to tell him who he bombed, because he said Iran at first, I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to bomb another distant country and accidently say Canada...

His reasoning for this bombing was because Assad had gassed his own people, (something many aren't believing) yet in the US, there were many being poisoned by the water in Flint Michigan... where is his outrage at that? What about the many homeless vets, who served their country, yet he dodged the draft claiming bone spurs, not once but 3 times... what is he doing for them? how about those people in Puerto Rica who are still having struggles since that devastating hurricane... where is the relief they need?

Have any of you ever been fired? If so, did your boss, who fired you, go on a rant on a public venue such as Twitter, and ridicule you afterwards? I doubt it, most people have much more class and common sense. Most would realize all this would do, is make them look much worse than the person they fired. Nope, not the orange gremlin... then common sense and him don't go together.

I've told many people I'm not political, and basically I'm not, I am, however, human. I don't have to be political to see wrong where it is, and when it happens.  No one has to be political to see wrong... not when it's being done openly in front of everyone, even the whole world to see.



The Typical Response

In order to know the typical response, one only has to look at those who would support and follow certain people. One would have to assume they are immoral, and blind to facts and truth. Even some evangelicals are supporting the bad behaviour and turning a blind eye, one must assume their collection plates are being filled a little more than they have been. It's funny how money can turn an opinion at times.

So the lies will be covered, the excuse made, and it is very sad, because a once respected nation is being laughed at, weakened from the inside out, and the world is watching in fear, because they have seen what 'dictators" have caused in the past...

May the snowflakes have a good day, because good days for you are soon to be over...

upside down horseshoe

A Friday the Thirteenth Ramble

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Those Traditions and Superstitions

upside down horseshoe

When one has been brought up by "oldtimers" one finds themselves immersed in tradition and superstition. I grew up in a very large old house, that had one time belonged to a sea captain. I grew up with my great grandparents, my grand parents and of course my mom and dad.

I guess before we all became much more "informed" we had people believing in all sorts of nonsense. Don't go out one door and come in another.... if you see a single crow, it's bad luck, never hang a horseshoe upside down, for the luck will fall out... and it goes on.

When I was growing up,  it seems that every other day I was being introduced to some new superstition. It was getting so bad, I'm surprised I actually left the house! So today finds us at the 13th, on a Friday! Now i did beleive in all the old superstitions, but as I grew older and more "wiser" I came to laugh at many of them, and others, found utter nonsense. Besides, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!



So here we are, all trying to get by, most doing it the right way, and low and behold we have those who always seem to take the easy way, until they get caught. I'd been reading a post today, by someone who was stating the old poor mes... seems they thought they'd been treated unfairly by a vote buying system. They paid their dime, but didn't get their time, so to speak. Well after investigating a little, I saw the reason why.

The basis of most of their posts were recipes that they had copied and pasted. Now the one thing about recipes, is it's very hard to claim plagiarism. So many recipes are created, and so many pretty well the same. Yet copying and pasting is far from original material. I've posted recipes myself, and I can say they were original, they were my own creations, but I just bet someone, somewhere, has created the same thing, or something very close to them.

I also did something today I've never done before, I unfollowed someone. I did so, when I finally realized that almost all of their posts were copy and paste articles. Posted in entirety! You see it is quite common for someone to post a snippet from an article, but then create a link back to the original article. Posting an article in its entirety is stealing.



One good thing about blogging, is it gives us an outlet to vent now and then, I actually do it quite often. After all, why would I bitch and moan to my loved ones, (usually the reason I'm bitching and moaning in the first place) when I can bitch and moan to strangers, and not have to hear about it for years after! Now there is a HUGE difference between venting and begging! When I see posts begging for money, or for upvoting, or for likes... my blood pressure rises. These posts all start the same, ...I really hate to do this but... Well then DON'T! If you hate to, stop. Besides, most times these are from people who are trying to scam us. If you comment these posts negatively, first they try to jump down your throat, then they have all the usual excuses. They have done this so often, they anticipate every response, and have all the usual excuses just waiting and ready. Don't fall for these scammers, the best thing you can do, is tell them to take on another job, even if they tell you they have 3 jobs now... yup, they have 3 jobs now, and all 3 are trying to scam people.



So hear I sit, once again waiting for the internet tech guy to come and try to fix my intermittent internet. I ordered this service on March 2nd, and it has yet to work right. It's on and off, all day. just writing this post I lost paragraphs that had to be rewritten, becaus eit cuts out before the work has had a chance to be saved!

I actually had work I would get paid for today, but nope, I have to stay here and wait for a guy that was here already and told me everything was fine... I'm hopeful this time it will be fixed, but I won't be holding my breath!


Google, God of the Internet

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Oh, great one, Google, why hast thou forsaken me? You send me notifications claiming I have things invalid. Yet when I go to 'validate" your claims, I find them invalid. Surely there has been a crossing of wires in the vastness of cyberspace. Possibly an Internet interruption of sorts.

from your lord and master, Google
Message type: [WNC-10030260]
Search Console
We're validating your Index coverage issues for site



I realize I have no right to question you, yet, there are times I have to, for if not, I may spontaneously combust from pure frustration. I realize we are to believe we shall not question your greatness, your intelligence, or your wisdom, but anyone with a lick of sense, knows there are times that we believe you are just fucking with us because you can.
Those struggling to make it to that coveted place on page one of your great kingdom realize how we must grovel and obey your every rule, yet at the same time deep in those hearts and souls you suck the good out of, feel shame and often embarrassment inside. They even feel they may stray from the fold, and decide to worship "other gods".

Yes oh great Google, there are others out there, and you may not think them worthy of you, not equals, yet they have no prejudice, they have no constant rule and commandments we must follow, and they don't dare try to censor us, like you and your second in command, the Almighty YouTube.

So I guess at the moment we are at odds oh great one, so till the day comes back as it once was, where we are all treated fair and justly, your flock will thin, your profits fall, and we shall and do, take your name in vain.
PS. Please fix Adsense, I need the money!


Just in case I lost anyone with this post, today I received a notice from Google, telling me I had some invalid entries on my site. I've spent 2 1/2 hours "correcting" mistakes, that weren't mistakes, but had to be done anyway. After all, I wouldn't want to piss Google off, now would I?

When Trust and Respect Go Out the Window..

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Heartache and Headache...




It was a short time ago we were informed our grand daughter was coming to live here in our fine city. Usually I would welcome this news, but sadly I did not. I knew, just from seeing interactions and status "updates" on the volitile FB, what we were going to be in for. I love the child with all my heart, but that doesn't give her a free pass to act like an asshole and think we wouldn't notice. 

So anyway, up she comes and is living with a friend... good for us, I figured bad for her. I was right. After a few days, she decided she needed to move( I still haven't found out why?) and guess where? YUP! With us. I'm a private person, I like quiet, and am not particulary happy when company comes. I do have company now and then, not very often, and at least my company knows when to come and when to go home. For instance, they don't arrive at 11 or 12 in the evening, and stay till 4 or 5:30 in the morning. Apparently I should have made that more clear than I did... 

Have I ever mentioned I'm not a rich man, and go for the deals when I can get them. If not, its true. I have no cable TV, we use a digital antennea, we get about 56 channels, not the best, but it works for us.  So when it came to a phone service, I ordered a VIOP system, and had very limited 'extras". One of the things I gave up was long distance. Basically because my whole family is practically living in the same city as I am. The one thing we do splurge on is our Internet service, although that service at the moment sucks balls... 

I have explained this to said granddaughter, several times, apparently I haven't done it enough. Imagine my "surprise" when I opened my phone account and saw the long distance calls, some of them between an hour, and two hours long... I've taken to bringing our phone into the bedroom at night... very sad, I know. I should mention that these calls are being made anywhere between 2 and 5 in the morning...why the fuck is anyone up and yapping on a phone that hour of the day unless it's about grandma possibly dead or dying? She has access to two computers, they have text apps for free, not to mention there is always the chat on FB! 

Having friends is always a good thing, but I don't think I have to explain over and over that "our" bedroom is not a meeting room, like I've said, I'm a private person, and our bedroom is PRIVATE!. Whether we happen to be in it or not. So today I am on her shit list, because I guess rules are only for those who want to obey them, and she isn't one of them. 

She should be out looking for work, but I guess her busy schedule is preventing this. Although I did hear her telling her mom she had just got back from an interview, and was starting work on Monday... (both non-existant) 

So I find myself between a rock and a hard place. You have all heard the saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life"? well, my wife also loves our grand daughter, and so for now, I guess I will just be almost silent, until I possibly have a stroke from high blood pressure, or I decide to take up flying from our fourth floor balcony... 


**anyone who has taken the time to read this, I apologize, it's just that I started this blog/site, as a way to clear my head, sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't... Venting can be good for your sanity... 🙁