Gone, but Never Forgotten…but holy crap…

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Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. So on this is a day of being thankful, I would have to say I'm thankful for my family, present, and past. There are a few not here anymore... well, they probably have made great fertilizer. Now with that said, let's talk about past.

During our lifetimes, we lose mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers. Spouses as well! Once they are gone, we do miss them, but it seems some seem to take pleasure in dwelling on the past, and living in the past, and expecting others to stay there with them. They seem to want the attention they receive from their continuous posts on Social Media about how badly they miss a loved one... I'm talking a continuous amount of posts, same shit, different day.

At some time you have to admit they are gone, not coming back, and you have to grow a pair and move on. I say this to the more religious especially. They seem to believe that once we are dead we move on to heaven where we will all "live on" happily ever after. The paradise for those who believe. I would think that if they believe so dayum much, they would happy those that passed would be, (as you hear at any funeral) they are in a better place. So I would have to think they would be saying to themselves, "Yes, they made it, soon it will be my turn"!

Nope, they piss and whine day after day, expecting others to keep on kissing their asses with I'm so sorry for your loss, it'll get better... even after months and months of them kicking the bucket.

Another thing that not only pisses me off, as well as amuses me somewhat, is this wishing Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to those who have died. If you are a believer, then if anything, you should be quite happy those who have bit the bullet, rolled over and died, are much more happy than you. I also don't think they could give a flying fuck about you wishing them a happy whatever...

If people spent as much time caring and loving those who are still with us, ignoring color, race or whatever, I think the world would be a much better place...too much time is being spent on those long gone, and the pity party has to come to end at some time... sorry, just my opinion, take it or leave it, I really don't give a fuck!


      Grandmother and grandfather, gone not forgotten... ain't coming back





Father, not coming back... me, the little guy, still here, when I go, not coming back...

Yup, sometimes we have to move on, mainly because the constant whining annoys people, even if they are more polite then me and don't tell you!


What will be Next

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So far I've been lucky, I've woke up every day for 60 years on the right side of the ground. I've done a lot, seen a lot, and of all, I have seen, somethings lately have me wondering more about life and human nature than ever.

I don't care what race you are, what color you are or who you voted for... but if you did vote, and Trump was your choice, you need a swift kick in the balls or the pussy. This has got to be the worse time in history for politicians.

Seriously, Trump? Then here in Canada, Trudeau jr.? They are both as different as day and night, yet the same when it comes down to being actually useful to their respective countries.

They are complete idiots and speaking of dictators who are idiots, you have that sawed-off little dip shit in North Korea, who I think the only reason he hasn't started WWIII is that they haven't pimped out his bomb shelter yet.

Not a big fan of politics, most times I just post crap to piss off certain asshats on another blogging site, who if they were in power in office, women would be kept in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, blacks wouldn't even be on a bus, much less sitting in the back, and any middle eastern person would be locked up and stay that way if they entered The US of A.

Gays, well we know what they'd do to the gays, they'd lock them up in their basements and have their way with them whenever they wanted, cause most of these fuckers here are closet gays, and scared to death they'll be found out.


That aside, you have total nut jobs running around with guns killing innocent people, and instead of thinking, "you know, maybe we should look into a way to stop this shit..." they are more concerned of what political affiliation they are. WTF? It doesn't matter what this latest crazy fucker was, liberal, conservative, democrat or republican... the guy was batshit crazy, and that can happen to anyone..., one day you're among the sane, the next... Poof, your gone! All you have to do to realize this is a reality is look at what some of these dumb bastards post here.

I wonder if their noses become immune to the smell of shit after a while, from having it stuck up some of these fuckers asses? You dayum sheeple are worse than the guy that pulled the trigger and killed all those innocent people because instead of trying to make a change, you just follow whatever is easiest for you to swallow at the moment...

Everyone has an opinion, this was just mine!


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Once again, the doomsayers have predicted the end of the world. It was supposed to be today, Saturday, the 23rd of September. I know what you're thinking, the day isn't over yet, but...

Right now as I write this, it is September the 24th, 6 am in Australia. I have never been able to figure out these time zone thingies... I had to Google that. So, either they get a brief extension, or someone has fucked up again.


Do you know what the really sad part of this cartoon is, these idiots who make these predictions, don't even believe it themselves....

What does one wear to the end of the world? If an asteroid or planet was going to hit us, I'd think a helmet, at the very least, maybe a lifevest/lifejacket????

Now if it was one of those rapture things, I hear all those god-fearing people will all be naked, not a good way to go by any means... so I guess all we can do now, is wait for the next prediction.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the world did end today... for some, the papers are filled with obituaries.

Have a great rest of the day, and keep hoping, it has to happen sometime!

I Just Don’t Get It!

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My wife and I had a wonderful day yesterday. There was a festival here in the city, called the Open Streets Festival. The city shuts down many of the streets to traffic, and vendors, charities and the like set up booths along a pre-determined route to sell their wares, make money for charities. The route yesterday wound an 8-kilometer path through the city!

Now since this event didn't just pop-up all of a sudden, with that I mean there have been posters, ads on the TV and radio, anyone living here would know well in advance that many of the streets were going to be closed to vehicle traffic, not only that, but the city also posted alternate routes, so the traffic wouldn't be inconvenienced in any way.

Yet there were still those assholes that just had to try using closed streets, and basically screwing up things for others. It never ceases to amaze me, that there are always those who think the rules do not apply to them.

Anyway, there was a large police presence, and they soon straightened out anyone thinking the street closures didn't apply to them.

My wife and I walked around looking at what was there, and eventually landed in a park listening to some local singers/musicians, by the way, they were very good.

Later we sat out on the deck at our apartment, and had a few drinks, and ate our dinner out there as well. While my wife was making the finishing touches on said dinner, I sat outside alone, with the exception of one of our cats, who just has to be wherever I am.

As I sat there, a car drove into the parking lot, and when I looked down, I saw an East Indian male, driving the vehicle, and on the front passenger seat was the remains of some fast food. He hauled into a parking spot and parked. After he had parked, the back door of the vehicle opened, and out came who I would think was his wife. Now why she was sitting in the back alone, I have no idea, but I do know, if I told my wife to sit in the back seat while I sat in the front, she would probably wrap the steering wheel around my neck.

Then, when she had gotten out of the vehicle, she had several large bags, they looked like they were not only full but heavy. She made her way to the building, her husband, empty-handed, her struggling along with these heavy bags, well, at least he opened the door for her...

I have no idea if this is some sort of half-assed custom, but since I had been having a few beer, I felt the need to say something, although later my wife told me I shouldn't have. All I said was, "well, at least you opened the door for her!" I guess since I was brought up to help a woman, instead of standing by watching her struggle took over, I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, he looked up at me, and I basically looked back with a fuck you look. He seemed to understand and turned away. I just think some things are wrong, and often get myself into situations I probably shouldn't, but it happens...


You Are a Special Kind of Stupid, Aren’t You?

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Have people gone batshit crazy altogether? It seems many have. I swear that many of them should just change their name to "Complaint". They complain about everything, even things that were designed to help some, who need the help.

Then there are others that as one of my favorite memes expresses, You're a special kind of stupid aren't you?

Perhaps you're wondering what brought on this latest "episode" of mine. Well, I was home minding my own business, drifting through cyberspace, and decided to check my email. Well, the regular mail was filled with the usual crap I get, someone trying to sell me the latest and greatest software to make me a thousand dollars a day, which I promptly deleted, and then I took a look at the Spam folder!




Now I have been known to be gullible a time or two, but this would have made me more than a special kind of stupid if I would have fallen for it. The email was supposedly from Melania Trump! You didn't know her and I send each other emails regularly? She was informing me I had a very large sum of money coming to me if I.... and that was when I started laughing. I laughed and I laughed, and then I got to thinking, what idiot sent this to me? Have they had anyone bite onto this pile of crap? Well if they have, it just goes to prove, there are those who are a special kind of stupid!

So many people get taken in by internet scams, some, supposedly educated people. Of course, there are many older folks online now, and many of them are not tech savvy, just enough info to get into their email, and open FaceBook to see the latest shenanigans of their grandchildren. They often get taken down the path to ruin, by entering information they shouldn't be.

I have a soft spot for those people and feel sorry for them.The ones doing the scamming, well my solution to them would be to just take them out and shoot them. A little harsh... maybe, but they wouldn't be pulling any more scams, would they? I mean if we were to just break their typing fingers, they figure a way around that... Nope, shoot them.


I saw an article today about people, men and women both, complaining about a woman breastfeeding her child in public. They were so busy being appalled and disgusted, they didn't realize the woman had just been in an accident, and she had a severely broken leg, so severely, in fact, her foot was turned in the opposite direction of what it was supposed to be. Apparently she, the woman, though since she wasn't sure when she'd get home, she might feed her baby then... makes sense to me, apparently not to some who think they are holier than thou... It was only when someone noticed she was in distress, that she was finally shown some compassion.

Idiots, Idiots for Miles.....

Have you heard about the Flat Earth Society? Guess what? They believe the earth is flat! They also believe that man has not been to the moon, and it's a total conspiracy! All those pics sent to "Earth" have been set up by Nasa. The space station...have no idea what they believe about that, I haven't looked into their "philosophy." Well for two reasons, 1. I'm lazy, and 2. I think they are completely insane, but I do wonder if they think at some point you can get too close and you just fall off the edge?

Well, I feel a little better... How about you? I guess maybe I've been complaining a little myself, but then, this is Things That Strip My Gears.... so buckle up buttercup, there will be more coming soon!