Newsworthy, I think Not!

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Well, I realize there are times when the media has a slow day. Hell, we all have slow days at times, but when it comes to reporting the news, there are just some things that are reported, and in all seriousness at that, I find just too funny and too stupid to be considered real news.

Lately, we have been hearing so much about fake news, which as far as I'm concerned is nothing new. I've come to believe that the only news we get, is the news that the media and government want us to see.

So what brought this post on you ask? Well, I was going through twitter today, and one of the sites I follow is our local newspaper, The Windsor Star. Someone at the paper tweeted a news story, that at first I thought was a joke tweet. Well, it wasn't. The headline was, Man Robs Windsor Pharmacy With a Cane!

This was the image that popped into my head when I read that story. A man wielding a cane like a baseball bat, although I even imagined him pointing it like a gun! 🙂 However he did it, I still can't wrap my head around how this happened, and how he got away with it. I can picture him now, hobbling down the street in his getaway....

I really don't know why this was considered newsworthy, and I have to think that the person/persons at that Pharmacy have to be embarrassed about letting themselves get robbed in this fashion.

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Missing Children

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Sometimes They Don't Make It home

One doesn’t know what others feel unless you are put in their situation. Of course, we do have feelings, but until we go through what others have, we don’t and can’t realize the despair and pain they are having.

Recently, our niece Cortney went missing. A very pretty girl, and a young mother. Her home was in Newfoundland, a far distance from us, here in Ontario, and although the only connection my wife or I had with Cortney was through Social Media, it affected us both more than I realized at the first notice of hearing she had gone missing. 

 A search was organized by the police and family and friends but to no avail, she was gone without a trace. Although some had their suspicions, of who and what happened, but no facts to back them up.

The police continued their investigation and finally came to the conclusion she was lost to us all forever. They said an ex of hers had killed the girl but they had no idea where her remains would be, apparently he had admitted she was dead, but other than that, we are all still in the dark about the details. He was arrested but not charged with the homicide, but charged with breaking a restraining order. He had broken it several times, beating her, giving her split lips and a black eye, but only now, after it is too late was he arrested and put in jail.

So would someone please tell me why there are restraining orders at all? If they aren’t enforced immediately, they usually lose any effectiveness they had. How many times do we hear of these situations ending in the death of a spouse or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

Now her mother sits home alone, no closure, just an emptiness left in her heart for a daughter she loved and misses. Adding to her pain, she is suffering from the harshness of Muscular Dystrophy, which is getting worse every day.

Her father hasn't been able to think of anything other than his little girl, and since she went missing, he’s completely heartbroken.I can totally understand how he feels, I know if it was any of my children or grandchildren, I'd be devastated.

I’m quite sure if you asked either of them, they would tell you how much good they think that restraining order did.

I had my curiosity raised when dealing with this, so I looked at a few articles online and in one article, it was estimated that 800,000 children a year go missing, and that is roughly 2000 a day, of course, these numbers rely on many factors and missing can mean many different things, sometimes they are family abductions dealing with custody battles and other family issues. Often they can be runaways who sometimes turn up, although that isn't always the case either.

There has to a better way, some solution, I don’t know what it is, but I sure hope we find it soon because their are a lot more Cortney's out there who need it! We have to keep them safe...

  • this post was written as accurately as I could, with a lot of secondhand information, if I have anything wrong, please feel free to contact me at the email address on the contact me page and I will gladly make the correction/corrections...