What’s Wrong With A Free Opportunity?

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An Expanding Industry-Hemp Oil Products

There seems to be some problem when trying to get people to try something that is absolutely free. I guess there are many who hear the word free, and thing the opportunity is only as good as the cost to start up, so if it is free, then it must be worth nothing. 

WRONG! What many people don't understand, is there are companies who depend on others to help them sell their products or services, otherwise known as affiliate marketing. I do realize some things that are given for free are worth just that-nothing. Then you come across a little gem that you are given the opportunity for free, and you can actually make a killing just by promoting the product, or products.

That is just what this new and expanding company is offering, a free opportunity for ANYONE, just promote and you can have your own business online, and it isn't going to cost you a single cent to start making money, and it's all for free. You do have the option to buy the products yourself, at a discounted price if you so desire. They are actually very good products and have been tested and proven.

 CTFO, as the name implies, Changing The Future Outcome. That future is theirs, and for those who decide that a free opportunity is sometimes worth more than the free to start. Get onboard today, in an industry still in its infant stages, but promises to be so much more in a short time.

If you are interested in becoming a business owner, click the link provided below and you can start today! What have you got to lose, maybe 10 minutes at best of your time, maybe less just to check it out! 

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Survival and Conspiracy Theory

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I'm sure we all have that one friend or acquaintance who has a stack of National Enquirers and believes all he/she reads, sees and hears when it comes to the latest conspiracy theory. The Internet is full of these theories, and every Social Media site you can see them pumped out daily, and the theorists and non-theorists in a constant battle over who is right, and who is wrong.

Some of these ideas are so far-fetched, that anyone who has an IQ above 50 knows this. That is not to say that some theories are loosely based on actual fact. It also has been shown that some conspiracy theories from several years ago have been proven to be fact. Many of these theories revolve around space aliens, assassinations, and the one most common, government cover-ups. 

The sad part of any of these conspiracies eventually being proven is the event has already occurred, and it is now too late to do anything to stop it from happening. 

The Survivalists

Not far behind the conspiracy theorists, are the survivalists. These are the people who expect a great catastrophe to happen at any moment, and have hoarded supplies, such as food and water, equipment and let us not forget weapons. Some of these people have an arsenal that would make some mercenaries jealous. 

These catastrophes take the shape of many events, usually, with a lot of blood being shed, people dying in the streets, or a foreign army invading and taking over. Some even include a nuclear holocaust. If that happens, they had better have a bunker several feet underground lead-lined, and a great many other things to survive, although it's doubtful any of us would survive, we'd either be vaporized or just combust and form a little pile of radioactive ashes... 

I have a friend who has dedicated an entire room to survival. He has enough canned goods to open a store! Hundreds of plastic water bottles waiting to be filled in case of an event happening, although he should realize, if an event happens fast enough, there may not be time to fill them, or for that matter, grab the can opener! 


Anyone who may be reading this, please don't think I'm mocking those who are preparing for the worse. I actually admire their dedication and their initiative. We never know whats around the corner, when the big one will hit, or if someone from another place or land decides they want what we have. 

The problem with preparing for an unknown event is just that! What event is, if it happens, going to occur? Besides, many people today don't have the money or time to prepare for anything but getting up each day and going off to a job they make little money at, and hate! please don't say, "Well, if they have such a bad job, why don't they quit and get a better one?" BECAUSE in todays crappy economic times, there aren't that many around!

Also factor in the people like myself, who although at times finds it hard, I'm an optimist, I look at it as having to get better, and believe that is just what is going to happen! 

Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Survival Gear

survival kit








Life Goes On

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Why Plan Ahead? I'll Tell You Why!

Ever try to write a blog on a moving bus? Harder still using a stylus and 1 letter at a time?

Well that's what I’m doing now. Just killing time till I get to where I'm going today.

I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last year, and it makes it hard to clip my keys to my belt loop. Also its been so cold I can't tell if it's my keys clacking together or my balls! Let's just say I haven't lost my keys yet.

So we were sitting in Timmie's today, (Tim Hortons for you “Murikans” the Canadian Starbucks)

Want A Donut with that Coffee?

I see many elderly ladies working here, they all have a sad and angry look, mainly because they started out as housewives, their husbands were the breadwinners, worked their asses off, died too young,and now the ladies are left to fend for themselves. Most of those men didn’t bother with life insurance, feeling they were too young at the time to bother and didn’t feel an extra expense was worth it at the time, hindsight can be a bitch…

Now the ladies are working for minimum wage, they are sad and pissed off at a life they think is treating them unfairly. So on days off, they visit their dearly departed graves just so they can bitch and piss on their                                               graves. A victim of circumstance?

I was just like those guys, I worked in the printing/publishing trade, thought I had plenty of time, and then BOOM! The bottom fell out. I had some saved in the bank, but nothing of substance. Not sure what it was I was going to do, but I told myself I was not going to be a fucking Walmart greeter or a lackey for MacDonalds or Tim Hortons.

Luckily for me, my son had his own business, drywall taping, and he brought me in. Now at 60, slinging board and taping is making me even older, and my retirement plan at the moment is winning the lottery, so far that hasn’t worked out. If I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to retire about 10 years after I’m dead!

So let those bitter old ladies, and people like myself be a lesson to you, PLAN AHEAD! You can take that old dirt nap at any time, or your job, well your job mightn’t be there for as long as you think, and the way the world is going at the moment, it could happen sooner than you think.

Missing Life and An Apology

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Before I begin this post I wanted to apologize to all of you who come to visit my ramblings and take the time to read and leave a comment. My site was acting strange and giving me all kinds of problems, so I decided to delete it and redo it all. I had downloaded a special plugin in order to export all my work, in the hope of keeping all the content, but in the process, I lost all the comments I had received. I tried to recover them but didn’t have any luck. I do have them, I just haven’t figured out how to import them where they belong. I’m hopeful that I will eventually figure it out! I do hope this doesn’t stop any of you from returning, reading and commenting, because I truly do appreciate all of you who drop in.

Today I was strolling along the sidewalk and up ahead of me I noticed a middle-aged woman walking toward me. She had her head down and was texting on her phone, completely oblivious to her surroundings. She was slowly approaching a parking meter, and I was just about to yell when she looked up and just stopped short of running into it. She was very lucky, I know, because as a kid I ran into one, and it hurt and was very embarrassing as well.

I see people every day walking down the sidewalk texting away, often running into other people, who often are texting away as well. I have even seen them almost get hit by a car not even looking before they cross the street. Then when the driver of a car blows their horn or yells, they look indignant and act as if the driver was at fault. They should actually be thankful the driver was paying attention and had the time to stop before they ended up as a hood ornament.

Now I’m sure anyone reading this is going to assume these are usually teenagers, but sadly it isn’t. Full grown adults who are supposed to set an example for the younger generation, whether they want us to or not, are also doing this. How do we expect them to learn any common sense if we don’t use common sense ourselves?

It’s kind of sad that so many are walking through life, heads down, eyes stuck on a little screen, and missing so much in life around them.

Not a Profession I’d Pursue or Even Want To

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As much as I enjoy writing, I'd have never wanted to be a journalist/reporter. I'm sure there are many who would disagree, particularly those who are journalists, and probably have many reasons as to why they like their profession.

I'd also have to think those journalists/reporters on TV may very well like what they do, but me, nope, wouldn't do it. Having to pry into people's personal lives isn't something I'd want to do, especially the way some of these reporters "get right in the face" of those they are interviewing.

Recently, I was watching a special news report, and was very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the report, which was nothing we didn't know before, hasn't changed. The event I'm talking about was the "update" on our niece who has been missing since June, and is assumed dead. Also assumed to have been murdered by a former boyfriend.

The former boyfriends body was found on a property last week, and was determined that he committed suicide, many think out of guilt. He never left a note, a hint, or a clue, to the whereabouts of our nieces body, if it was he, who killed her. The slimy little fuck.

Journalists must get tired of what I will say are three common answers, that give us no information and often seem to skirt the issues.

  1. No Comment
  2. We don't know
  3. We can't divulge that at this time as it is an ongoing investigation.

The "no comment" is usually from people we often presume are guilty of some crime, and it is their way of saying they have no intention of incriminating themselves, although this is understandable, it's annoying at all times.

The "I don't know..." then the journalist has apparently been asking the wrong people for information, or they are being lied to.

The "I can't divulge that at this time", well then why the fuck did you hold a news conference in the first place? Why waste the family's time,build up their hope, and all those who  actually cares time, only to be disappointed once again?We heard this answer several times in the update, and it infuriates the crap out of me.

After the news conference I watched the other day, my heart went out to our nieces family, especially her mother. This lady has had her hopes built up so many times,only to have them pulled out from under her feet. Interviewed time and time again, and for what reason?

They ask the same dayum questions, and she has no answers, she only knows her little girl is still missing, and likely will never be coming home again.

Nope, I'd never want to be a reporter or a journalist. I just don't have that in me...