Recovering, Slowly but Surely

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A Pain in My Ass!

The weekend has passed, and I was busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Things to do around our little abode, and since the wife has been down, she is having a bout with some sort of chest infection. If you knew my wife, she has a lot of chest to get infected. She sounds much like a cat drowning in oatmeal when she coughs, or snores. I'm sending her off to the doctors today, cause no one should sound like she is.

So I've been doing my duty as maid, chief cook and bottle washer. I don't mind, it's just that it is taking me away from a few things I have to get done and can't get at. About all of those household duties, the one I don't mind doing is the cooking, I actually like to cook.

I've been having troubles myself the last couple of days, I am having a bout with my sciatic nerve, causing pain from the bottom of my left ass cheek right down to the back of my left knee. So literally, I have a pain in the ass.

While I was online yesterday, I got into a little war on Twitter, and afterwards got a warning from them... no big deal, I guess being truthful and brutally honest, doesn't sit well with some people. Too bad snowflakes, that's just the way I am. If you'd like to see the blog that came as a result from my little tirade, it is here:


The one thing I planned on doing last evening was watch the Comey interview on the television program, 20/20. I wanted to see this man in a non-political environment, and hear what he had to say. I'm usually a very good judge of people on a face to face meeting, and this was as close as I'd ever get to meeting him, so I watched, looked for all the telltale signs of lying... and saw none. I think the man was being honest, and took him for his word. I'd be much more quick to believe him before I'd believe anything that came from Trumps mouth, for sure.

I haven't heard yet, if his ratings beat the interview of Stormy Daniels, the porn star who did the nasty with Trump, I'd say the ratings will be probably quite close, though. Funny, how everyone wanted to hear what a porn star was going to say about this poor excuse of a man,Trump. He's become the poster child for How To Possibly Catch an STD!

Today finds me wondering what I should do first, the housework, or shuttle my wife off to the doctors, shes sleeping at the moment, since this illness has her up and down through the night. I think I'll let her rest for awhile, she needs it and deserves it. my little side job I have going will have to wait for one more day, so I can get the wifey checked out and put the house in order. I just may haul that rack of ribs out of the freezer and do them up for a nice dinner this evening.



When Trust and Respect Go Out the Window..

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Heartache and Headache...




It was a short time ago we were informed our grand daughter was coming to live here in our fine city. Usually I would welcome this news, but sadly I did not. I knew, just from seeing interactions and status "updates" on the volitile FB, what we were going to be in for. I love the child with all my heart, but that doesn't give her a free pass to act like an asshole and think we wouldn't notice. 

So anyway, up she comes and is living with a friend... good for us, I figured bad for her. I was right. After a few days, she decided she needed to move( I still haven't found out why?) and guess where? YUP! With us. I'm a private person, I like quiet, and am not particulary happy when company comes. I do have company now and then, not very often, and at least my company knows when to come and when to go home. For instance, they don't arrive at 11 or 12 in the evening, and stay till 4 or 5:30 in the morning. Apparently I should have made that more clear than I did... 

Have I ever mentioned I'm not a rich man, and go for the deals when I can get them. If not, its true. I have no cable TV, we use a digital antennea, we get about 56 channels, not the best, but it works for us.  So when it came to a phone service, I ordered a VIOP system, and had very limited 'extras". One of the things I gave up was long distance. Basically because my whole family is practically living in the same city as I am. The one thing we do splurge on is our Internet service, although that service at the moment sucks balls... 

I have explained this to said granddaughter, several times, apparently I haven't done it enough. Imagine my "surprise" when I opened my phone account and saw the long distance calls, some of them between an hour, and two hours long... I've taken to bringing our phone into the bedroom at night... very sad, I know. I should mention that these calls are being made anywhere between 2 and 5 in the morning...why the fuck is anyone up and yapping on a phone that hour of the day unless it's about grandma possibly dead or dying? She has access to two computers, they have text apps for free, not to mention there is always the chat on FB! 

Having friends is always a good thing, but I don't think I have to explain over and over that "our" bedroom is not a meeting room, like I've said, I'm a private person, and our bedroom is PRIVATE!. Whether we happen to be in it or not. So today I am on her shit list, because I guess rules are only for those who want to obey them, and she isn't one of them. 

She should be out looking for work, but I guess her busy schedule is preventing this. Although I did hear her telling her mom she had just got back from an interview, and was starting work on Monday... (both non-existant) 

So I find myself between a rock and a hard place. You have all heard the saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life"? well, my wife also loves our grand daughter, and so for now, I guess I will just be almost silent, until I possibly have a stroke from high blood pressure, or I decide to take up flying from our fourth floor balcony... 


**anyone who has taken the time to read this, I apologize, it's just that I started this blog/site, as a way to clear my head, sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't... Venting can be good for your sanity... 🙁 


I’m Fucking Sick of People

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Steal my Eyes, Will You Come Back for The Holes?

I'm a victim of myself. I try to be nice to everyone, help anyone who may need it. I don't ask anything in return. I've brought a homeless man into our home, only to be fucked for that. I've taken relatives in, only to be fucked by them. I'm basically at the end of my rope, I think I should hang myself while I may have enough rope to do it. 

I checked my bank account today, as I do sometimes, it's always nice to know you have the money there to pay your bills with. Sadly, I didn't have the money there to pay the bills today. there were just a bunch of transactions that neither my wife or myself made. I found this strange, and asked my wife where her bank card was, mine was in my pocket in my wallet. Well she went through her wallet, her purse, her dresser, her closet, and anything else they could and would hide a 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch piece of plastic, and couldn't find it. 

The disappearence of her card was a mystery, but it did solve how the transactions were made, it just didn't tell us who made them as of yet.  the one good thing about all of this, if there is anything good, is that I do all my bill paying and banking online. So any transactions made, I can look online and see how much, when, and the store number of the transaction. 

So today I will have to call the police, and ask them if I can accompany them to a few of the stores that the purchases were made, to see if I recognize anyone who may have made those purchases. Now I know you are asking why, and how i would know, simple, my wifes card never left the house the last 3 days, so anyone who had been here in those last 3 days will be suspect.

Our granddaughter has been here, and she had a few people in, whom we didn't want her to bring in, apparently we speak a foriegn language that she doesn't seem to understand. Anyway, I'm hopeful that the police will let me accompany them, and have me review the tapes on the stores cameras. 

The problem with the "Plastic" generation is they have made it much easier to use a bank card, they are now capable of making purchases without entering a pin, you just place your card on the screen and it reads it, so no pin required. 

My sons ex works at the bank, and I had her cancel the card immediately this morning, she also gave me a number to call so she might be reimbursed for the unauthorized purchases. My wife called, and the first thing they asked was her card number. My wife is a bright lady, but she had no idea what all the numbers were on her missing card, so she will now have to make a special trip to the bank. 

So yes, I'm fucking sick of people today, especially those who come into your home and fuck you without even kissing you first.They have no scruples, no conscience, no sense of decency, and no values. That cabin so far back in the woods I'd have to come out just to hunt, is sounding better every day...

Follow Me, I’ll Follow You

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The Follow Me, I'll Follow You

I've been online for a long time, on many sites, some longer than others. Many of those sites didn't have a "Follow" button. Instead, they had a Friend Button. So if someone requested to be your friend, chances were good, you would.

Now we have sites with both, Friends, and the Follow button. I'd like to know how many times I see someone says, I'm looking for 2000 or however many, followers before tomorrow, if you follow me, I'll follow back. This is mostly referring to Twitter!

I have never found this a good idea or practice. I have always made it a point to follow those who I think to deserve to be followed. The people I follow have some common interest with me. I have many interests, but the type of people I usually follow are mainly people who make me grin, smile or laugh. Not that I necessarily follow them either, sometimes it depends on the humor itself. If I find someone who I may think I want to follow, I visit their profile and check out some of the things they have posted.

After I've done this, that is when I make my decision whether I will follow them or not. Why would anyone follow someone else if they don't enjoy anything they may write or post? Why would you fill your feed with things you have no interest in? It just doesn't make sense.

I have followed some people who I like and that usually includes some comedians, a couple of actors, and mostly people who write humorous posts. I have a couple famous people (comedians) who have followed me back, which surprised me, but it's true! I love comedy, so I follow many comedians who I really enjoy their work.

I even follow a lady who just makes me laugh, and she is a lawyer. She missed her calling, she should have been a comedian! I DO NOT follow any politicians, I have enough bullshit in my real life, I don't need to pile any more on top of that online. I don't follow anyone who writes religious posts, I have no time for fairy tales and invisible men in the sky.
Some sites make suggestions on who you should follow...Twitter makes the suggestion on who to follow, they obviously don't know me very good, because the people they suggest... pathetic!

Speaking of followers, I think at the present time, I have two followers on of the first sites I started my own personal blog. I can't believe my popularity there! Blogster isn't very socially oriented!
Anyway, the follow me I'll follow you back, is not for me! Much in the same way you have people saying upvote me, and I'll upvote you! If you are writing crap posts, or posts I have no interest in, that would never happen. I also despise that. Makes you come off as some sort of beggar in my eyes.

People "collect" followers, and follow people for no reason other than to say they are following "X" amount of people.

In this new world of political correctness, maybe we can have a little more honesty and integrity, instead of worrying all the time that we may offend someone by things we sometimes write. I think that would be much better.

WTF, Thoughts and Prayers

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It would appear that many equal morality to one having to be religious and church going. It would seem that there are those among us that think since some of us don't and won't bend to religious beliefs, we have no morals and are incapable of functioning in todays society as law abiding citizens. They seem to believe that without the guidance of a book that was written by man, a couple thousands  years ago, and has been edited many timesover, we don't know right from wrong, we don't know we shouldn't rape, or kill,  and we wouldn't know that stealing from others is wrong. I'm not sure why these bible thumping christians, or what I call call so-called christians think that besides christians, no one else can  have morals. 

They also seem to forget that the number of deaths attributed to man in the name of religion is a very high number, and that number, even to this day increases. It seems religion and death go hand in hand. people of one religion rising against those of another religion, both believing their view of an invisible God is better than the others.



Learning Morality

When children are born and growing up, at the time they are most impressionable, this is the time they learn. They are not born racist, bigotted, or homophobe. These are all things they are taught by observence of those around them. If they are brought up in home that respects and loves all fellow beings, that is the road they will take as they grow. They don't need a bible or a church to teach them right or wrong, they learn by example. Just that in itself should show that those wanting to bring the bible and religion into the schools, are just blowing smoke up our asses. Trying to force religion on developing minds is just wrong. Trying to bring religion to school is wrong, that is why there are churches. If children want religion, that is something they should decide on their own, when they have the majority to make that decision. 

Thoughts and Prayers

On any given day, on any socially oriented blog site, social site like FaceBook, or even Twitter, there is always someone either offering, or asking for thoughts and prayers. I saw one just yesterday, that said, or rather asked, Emergency prayers needed! Well, since I'm highly religious guy, (I can't believe I just wrote that...sorry) anyway, since I'm an inquisitive sort, I just had to open that post. It appears that some dumbass got shot  in the stomach with a nail gun. How, no explanation, but I'm thinking this dumbass shot himself with the nail gun, but this persons relative was requesting prayers, since the nail went in, and hadn't come out. Now my way of thinking is that this idiot, needed a surgeon, not a thought or a prayer. Neither was going to help this idiot but a good surgeon. 

After any tragedy that grabs the attention of the world, all these idiot political leaders, that have no morals or values, seem to think they have to tweet their thoughts and prayers. Instead of offering some kind of help that would benefit victims and survivors. I guess it's because thoughts and prayers are much cheaper than the real help these people need. It's basically their way of saying I care, in an uncaring way. 

If I seem a little callous and have you thinking I am against anyone practicing their religion, I am not. I think you are free to believe what you want, BUT, I don't think you have the right to tell me what I should or shouldn't believe. If you come to my door and try to preach to me, you are not going to like my response. Practice your religion, go to church, read the bible, but please don't think you have a right to tell me I am immoral and need religion. Don't try to force your beliefs on young and impressionabl children, before their minds have developed to the point they can make those decisions themselves. Send your thoughts, and your prayers to whomever you want as many times as you want, but don't expect me to believe a thought or a prayer is going to save someones life, when it takes the skill of a qualified surgeon to do just that. Empty thoughts and prayers are meaningless, if you have the needed to skill to help someone in a situation, use that skill, or at the very least, direct them to someone who has that skill. Today, there are too many that take the easy way out, sending thoughts and prayers, when what they need is real help.