Let The Bodies Lay Where They Fall

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Good and Bad!

Watching some old western movies on the idiot box this weekend. You know, the old dusters where the good guys wear white, and the bad guys wear black, just so we know who is who, I guess. I don't know who decided to start this, but I never thought it was a necessity.

Yet when it comes right down to it, could you imagine if in real life, we would have to do this. The good people would wear white, the bad people would wear black. The problem with this, who would decide who is who? I'm picturing the whole of the world, most ending up wearing black, while that idiot in the White House and his family all wearing white. He'd probably let his most trusted flunkies wear an off shade of gray...

Just like the old westerns, Trump and all, are leaving the bodies lay where they fall, and that is bad enough, but after they fall, he has decided he has to bad mouth the fallen, and disgrace them, which by most standards, only makes him look worse than he already does. I wonder if he ever has a lucid moment when he is almost thinking like a normal person, and thinks, I'm going to be remembered as the worse president in American history... I'm sure if he does, it's a quick and fleeting moment.


Sex, Lies, and Pee-Pee tapes

the wranglers have all gathered in town after the long drive, saddled up to the bar, drinks flow, and finally they are ready to find the whores. each finding one for awhile and off they go. The next day they awake hungover, more tired than they were the night before, and sick. Yet they are happy, and they brag to each other about the night before...

There is always that one, who lies a little more than the others. Depending on the situation, depends on what lies he tells. So it goes with the orange gremlin in the White House. If he's with the "good ole boys" he's a stud, and he's a rock star. If he's standing delivering a bullshit speech in front of a crowd and reporters, and is being asked about his extramarital affairs, he has never had any... at least according to him. Yet there have been many women who have come forward to prove otherwise. Between sexual assaults, affairs with a Playboy bunny, and even a porn star, (who his lawyer paid off for him) he denies, and sadly, many of the snowflakes who voted for him and follow his every word, believe this pile of shit.

Now we are all waiting for the release of the famous pee-pee tape. Apparently he enjoys watching women piss over each other. I'm not sure what the enjoyment of that is, but it is said he likes and enjoys this. I wonder if hes ever considered asking his wife and daughter to participate in these actions... something that wouldn't surprise most, although would shock many. If this tape made it to Netflix, it would be the most watched, I'm sure!

Misplaced Outrage

I've never understood how some people are able to be blind to the truth, and argue over that truth as if it doesn't exist. The perfect example of this, is watching Trump supporters defend this piece of shit of a man. He has no honor at all, and when he spits out of  of his mouth saying Make "Murika Great Again" and yet the tariffs he placed on China, and the tariffs China placed in return, his whole dayum family who have all their goods produced in China, and they are EXEMPT from those tariffs. So making America great again, depends on who and what.

After the bombings in Syria this past weekend, which we've been told were successful, (although it has come out that the capabilities of ASSAD to gas again is still there) people are starting to be afraid. They must remember as well, the last time this idiot bombed Syria, someone had to tell him who he bombed, because he said Iran at first, I'm just hoping he doesn't decide to bomb another distant country and accidently say Canada...

His reasoning for this bombing was because Assad had gassed his own people, (something many aren't believing) yet in the US, there were many being poisoned by the water in Flint Michigan... where is his outrage at that? What about the many homeless vets, who served their country, yet he dodged the draft claiming bone spurs, not once but 3 times... what is he doing for them? how about those people in Puerto Rica who are still having struggles since that devastating hurricane... where is the relief they need?

Have any of you ever been fired? If so, did your boss, who fired you, go on a rant on a public venue such as Twitter, and ridicule you afterwards? I doubt it, most people have much more class and common sense. Most would realize all this would do, is make them look much worse than the person they fired. Nope, not the orange gremlin... then common sense and him don't go together.

I've told many people I'm not political, and basically I'm not, I am, however, human. I don't have to be political to see wrong where it is, and when it happens.  No one has to be political to see wrong... not when it's being done openly in front of everyone, even the whole world to see.



The Typical Response

In order to know the typical response, one only has to look at those who would support and follow certain people. One would have to assume they are immoral, and blind to facts and truth. Even some evangelicals are supporting the bad behaviour and turning a blind eye, one must assume their collection plates are being filled a little more than they have been. It's funny how money can turn an opinion at times.

So the lies will be covered, the excuse made, and it is very sad, because a once respected nation is being laughed at, weakened from the inside out, and the world is watching in fear, because they have seen what 'dictators" have caused in the past...

May the snowflakes have a good day, because good days for you are soon to be over...

I’m Fucking Sick of People

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Steal my Eyes, Will You Come Back for The Holes?

I'm a victim of myself. I try to be nice to everyone, help anyone who may need it. I don't ask anything in return. I've brought a homeless man into our home, only to be fucked for that. I've taken relatives in, only to be fucked by them. I'm basically at the end of my rope, I think I should hang myself while I may have enough rope to do it. 

I checked my bank account today, as I do sometimes, it's always nice to know you have the money there to pay your bills with. Sadly, I didn't have the money there to pay the bills today. there were just a bunch of transactions that neither my wife or myself made. I found this strange, and asked my wife where her bank card was, mine was in my pocket in my wallet. Well she went through her wallet, her purse, her dresser, her closet, and anything else they could and would hide a 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch piece of plastic, and couldn't find it. 

The disappearence of her card was a mystery, but it did solve how the transactions were made, it just didn't tell us who made them as of yet.  the one good thing about all of this, if there is anything good, is that I do all my bill paying and banking online. So any transactions made, I can look online and see how much, when, and the store number of the transaction. 

So today I will have to call the police, and ask them if I can accompany them to a few of the stores that the purchases were made, to see if I recognize anyone who may have made those purchases. Now I know you are asking why, and how i would know, simple, my wifes card never left the house the last 3 days, so anyone who had been here in those last 3 days will be suspect.

Our granddaughter has been here, and she had a few people in, whom we didn't want her to bring in, apparently we speak a foriegn language that she doesn't seem to understand. Anyway, I'm hopeful that the police will let me accompany them, and have me review the tapes on the stores cameras. 

The problem with the "Plastic" generation is they have made it much easier to use a bank card, they are now capable of making purchases without entering a pin, you just place your card on the screen and it reads it, so no pin required. 

My sons ex works at the bank, and I had her cancel the card immediately this morning, she also gave me a number to call so she might be reimbursed for the unauthorized purchases. My wife called, and the first thing they asked was her card number. My wife is a bright lady, but she had no idea what all the numbers were on her missing card, so she will now have to make a special trip to the bank. 

So yes, I'm fucking sick of people today, especially those who come into your home and fuck you without even kissing you first.They have no scruples, no conscience, no sense of decency, and no values. That cabin so far back in the woods I'd have to come out just to hunt, is sounding better every day...

Ode to Trump…an original poem

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The Trumpster

Well, I'm the Trumpster, and I'm okay
I fuck "Murika" almost every day

I grab models by the pussy, it's alright
I'm like a rockstar, so they don't fight.
I like to golf and spend my time at play
The countries going to shit, but I'm okay.

(Photo by Chris Condon/PGA)

Putin is my friend, and he loves me
He's helping run my own country.
I think my daughter is a real classy fox
Melania doesn't know I'd like to grab her by the box.


Pornstars come, and some pornstars go
Stormy is the one I need to get rid of though...
My lawyer paid her money to silently go away
Yet the Bitch showed up on 60 Minutes anyway.

Thank goodness she didn't show my dick pic
Cause it ain't that big or very thick.
Kids are marching against my friends the NRA
My followers don't care and don't listen anyway.

They hear the words "We have to Impeach"
They all know I'm out of reach.

My friend Putin and all his Russian friends
Will protect me to the very ends.
I'm the Trumpster and I'm okay,
You can be sure I'm going to have it my way.


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Let’s Arm The Teachers

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Adding More Crazy to Crazy Already

I just walked in the door, been a busy day. Turned on my computer, opened Twitter, and there it was. probably the stupidiest, most ignorant, dumb fucktard in the history of the United States. I'm sure I wouldn't have to name him, because 3/4's of you already know, but for those blind mother fuckers, It's Trump!

This idiot has decided that arming teachers, oh, excuse me, well trained, armed teachers. This is a bad idea no matter how you look at it, but let's take this one point at a time. 

  1. This will require a teacher to wear a sign all the time, stating, I'm the Good Guy! That's for the swat and police teams, so the teacher doesn't end up being shot.
  2. The teacher will now have to not only take training to be a teacher, but also as a marksman. Is the school, state, or the teacher themselves paying for this?Also, will they be paid more for taking this training and guarding a school against crazy bastards who decide they want to shoot some students?
  3. Will the teachers have to supply their own gun and ammunition? 
  4. Has trump lost his fucking mind altogether? 

I'm sorry folks, but this idea does not make any sense. Teachers are working now, without proper teaching aides, lack of books, supplies. Some teachers even buy supplies themselves, which should not be happening. Putting pressure on a teacher to look after the complete safety of a school, guess whats going to happen? The next crop of shool shooters are going to end up being teachers who snapped! 

All this is, is and easy out for trump and his party. People want solutions, viable solutions, yet this is the best he and his insane party can come up with? This is just him throwing a bone hoping it will take the pressure off, so he can concentrate on other things, about trying to keep his ass out of jail for selling his country to the russians, who by the way haven't had sanctions put on them, which should have been done months ago. 

I really wish we could all come together and figure out what would be a viable solution, that all would be happy about. That isn't going to happen, because the divide is so wide between opposing sides views and opinions. I do know it is high time that these differences have to be resolved, and action taken to try and stop these mass shootings. 

Arming teachers is not the way to go about this. Keep looking for a solution, stop trying to sell another dumb idea. 

Is It Free Speech, or is It Slander?

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A Little Background First

A few years ago, my wife took a fall and hurt her foot and ankle. She and I went to the emergency room where she was X-rayed and examined by a new, young doctor. My wife has had several operations over the years and has had to go to the emergency room several times. I don't know if this young doctor was trying to be a hero or what, but he began asking me several questions which led me and my wife both to believe she was actually a victim of spousal abuse. 

My wife spoke up to him and told him off, and her and I both got up and left. He had also diagnosed my wife wrong. He said it was just a severe strain. This was on a Saturday. Monday my wife received a call from the hospital asking her to come in for a cast because she had two broken bones in her foot. 

The Beginning and The End

I made the mistake of writing about this incident on a blog site I was a member of. A toxic site, filled with religious zealots, armchair warriors, and people whose political views are something out of this world. Then there were the trolls.

When I had first joined the site, I had several friends (online friends) who I enjoyed reading and sharing comments. Of course, the trolls would drop in from time to time, just to try and annoy, some of whom were very good at it. One in particular literally stalked me from one blog to another whenever I commented, and always managed to put something negative and usually untrue as comments to me. I had this particular person blocked, by they could annoy me by visiting those blogs I had. They also managed to read anything I did post through friends of theirs... other trolls and just plain nuisance. 

So I had written my post about my wife's injury, and mentioned the suspicions of this young doctor. The next thing I saw, was this troll had written a post stating I was a woman and spouse abuser. Of course, the other trolls jumped onboard and made my life on that site misery. So I went from writing family oriented posts to mainly rants, I didn't see the point of writing my usual fare only to have it turned into something it wasn't. This was also one of the reasons I decided to buy hosting and start my own personal blog. 

The Conclusion

So with all the above being said, what brought me to write this was an article I was directed to reading a tweet on Twitter this morning. Apparently, a comedian is being sued by her ex because he says she accused him of abuse in her stand up. From what I took from the article, all she said was she was very sorry that her marriage had broken up. I was a little confused and sent a reply tweet asking if I had missed something in the article or if something had been left out, and I still haven't received a reply. 

Anyway, the article was asking for donations for this comedian's legal fees, it is a go fund me page. The title had suggested, whether what the comedian had done, was it a case of Free speech being censored. 

As you can tell from what I had written above, I believe that sometimes free speech crosses the line and borders on slander, and can be very harmful to people at times. Now I don't know if this comedian did cross that line, because like I said, it seemed I missed something in that article, or at least that is what I am assuming. Anyway, if you'd like to skim that article, it can be read HERE 

I think when it comes right down to it, I would have had a much better case for libel/slander if I would have pursued legal action those few years ago...