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A Friday the Thirteenth Ramble

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Those Traditions and Superstitions

upside down horseshoe

When one has been brought up by "oldtimers" one finds themselves immersed in tradition and superstition. I grew up in a very large old house, that had one time belonged to a sea captain. I grew up with my great grandparents, my grand parents and of course my mom and dad.

I guess before we all became much more "informed" we had people believing in all sorts of nonsense. Don't go out one door and come in another.... if you see a single crow, it's bad luck, never hang a horseshoe upside down, for the luck will fall out... and it goes on.

When I was growing up,  it seems that every other day I was being introduced to some new superstition. It was getting so bad, I'm surprised I actually left the house! So today finds us at the 13th, on a Friday! Now i did beleive in all the old superstitions, but as I grew older and more "wiser" I came to laugh at many of them, and others, found utter nonsense. Besides, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!



So here we are, all trying to get by, most doing it the right way, and low and behold we have those who always seem to take the easy way, until they get caught. I'd been reading a post today, by someone who was stating the old poor mes... seems they thought they'd been treated unfairly by a vote buying system. They paid their dime, but didn't get their time, so to speak. Well after investigating a little, I saw the reason why.

The basis of most of their posts were recipes that they had copied and pasted. Now the one thing about recipes, is it's very hard to claim plagiarism. So many recipes are created, and so many pretty well the same. Yet copying and pasting is far from original material. I've posted recipes myself, and I can say they were original, they were my own creations, but I just bet someone, somewhere, has created the same thing, or something very close to them.

I also did something today I've never done before, I unfollowed someone. I did so, when I finally realized that almost all of their posts were copy and paste articles. Posted in entirety! You see it is quite common for someone to post a snippet from an article, but then create a link back to the original article. Posting an article in its entirety is stealing.



One good thing about blogging, is it gives us an outlet to vent now and then, I actually do it quite often. After all, why would I bitch and moan to my loved ones, (usually the reason I'm bitching and moaning in the first place) when I can bitch and moan to strangers, and not have to hear about it for years after! Now there is a HUGE difference between venting and begging! When I see posts begging for money, or for upvoting, or for likes... my blood pressure rises. These posts all start the same, ...I really hate to do this but... Well then DON'T! If you hate to, stop. Besides, most times these are from people who are trying to scam us. If you comment these posts negatively, first they try to jump down your throat, then they have all the usual excuses. They have done this so often, they anticipate every response, and have all the usual excuses just waiting and ready. Don't fall for these scammers, the best thing you can do, is tell them to take on another job, even if they tell you they have 3 jobs now... yup, they have 3 jobs now, and all 3 are trying to scam people.



So hear I sit, once again waiting for the internet tech guy to come and try to fix my intermittent internet. I ordered this service on March 2nd, and it has yet to work right. It's on and off, all day. just writing this post I lost paragraphs that had to be rewritten, becaus eit cuts out before the work has had a chance to be saved!

I actually had work I would get paid for today, but nope, I have to stay here and wait for a guy that was here already and told me everything was fine... I'm hopeful this time it will be fixed, but I won't be holding my breath!



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For the past several days, the world, especially China, has been watching in fear and anticipation for the re-entry of it's now defunct space station. Apparently it ran out of gas, and with the high prices of gasoline these days, they decided not to "fill er up" again. Instead decided to let her run out of gas and crash where it may. 


While China said they had an idea where their space station would re-enter and possibly crash, in truth they had no idea and were "hoping for the best," the best being, that it didn't land on top of China. Although they weren't positive about where it would hit, in precautionary measures, they were handing out umbrellas to rich citizens...

Asked why they handed out umbrellas, the president, Xi Ping stated, " a little protection is better than none at all".

He also stated he would be gone away for a few days, and it's rumored he has taken up cave exploring, while waiting for the "crash" from the space station. 




As I write this, it came over the "reliable and reputable" Fox News that the Chinese space station has just crashed into the WhiteHouse, came through the roof and landed on Trumps desk. Apparently he was hiding under said desk at the time. The only injuries reported were a white pair of his golf pants, when he shit himself from the scare he got. 

The White House press secretary,Sarah Huckabee Sanders  has stated the president was fine, and now plans to have China pay for a large umbrella he plans to have built over his own club, Mar-A-Laga and another over the Whitehouse itself.  So far Xi Ping hasn't commented,  and is feared "lost in a cave" 

She also stated, that unlike Monica Lewinsky, she does know a reputable dry cleaner, and will have the presidents soiled golf pants, cleaned and pressed and looking brand new in the next few days....




Why I Don’t Post to Steemit Directly Anymore

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and survey says...

The simple explanation is... it's a waste of my time. I don't post as often as some, usually only once a day, sometimes not even that, but when I do post to Steemit directly, I have noticed I get a few views if I'm lucky, and sometimes not even that, after all, I am a Plankton and not a big whale... I guess my bait just isn't what some want...

That's why I have found Steampress to be so valuable to me. I can post on my own personal website on the WordPress platform, and my regular readers check it out, and at the same time it's posted to Busy, and Steemit, so it's far better for me to do it as I am.
It's very hard to get recognized and gain a good following at Steemit, and so since I have a small following to my own site, at least my posts are being read, although they don't make me any money at all, unless people click on my Adsense ad, yes I said ad, I only put one on there, and the other day I even took that off, another waste of time and energy, Adsense... ad crap more like it.

I have found that like most social sites, Steemit has it's little cliques, people following certain people, which is good if you are upvoting your friends, and your vote is worth anything at all, if not, you are also wasting your time, but it's nice to support friends.
Please don't take this here post as a put down to any of the Steemit members or Steemit in itself, far from it. It's just that it works for some and for others it doesn't, at least not so well.
I realize that it all takes time, good content, and to be helpful and useful to other members.


I just wanted to touch on the subject of bots, and how many have decided to use bots to be upvoted and to have their work shared. I'm not a fan of bots. I tried bots once, and it was a complete waste of my time and money. Some of them apparently work, if you have used or use bots and they are working for you, that's great, my experience with them sucked, so I won't use them again. I have always written on blog platforms, and let my writing and interactions with other members speak for itself. I may not be your cup of tea, and if thats the case, you move on, and if i am, we build on that and spread the word, buying your way to popularity... I think it is disgraceful... You are advertising your blog??? I really hope the ROI is worth it. ROI...(return on investment)

Famous verses Infamous...

I have followed a few, that had been suggested, and really, I don't know why people hang on to their every word. I read one post and was actually getting dizzy, because they kept on writing, when they should have stopped. They were just taking their readers in a circle, repeating things they had already said, just changing the wording enough, that if you weren't paying attention, you'd get sucked into it.
Let me tell you, if you want to get noticed, drop a few negative comments on these bullshit posts, I'm not talking about trolling, I'm talking about calling them out on their bullshit. If you have a real argument, tell them where or what it is they are doing wrong. Because if they have been around for awhile, it  seems that people have their noses stuck to their asses,and  a lot of times they don't hear or see what they are missing. I realize some of these people are trying to help, but after awhile they feel they can push any garbage onto their readers and know most will suck it in without a question or even bat an eye...they get lazy and that's just wrong...

While I have your attention, I just wanted you all to know, I wish you all well, and may you be successful in all your online and offline endeavors!

The “Faces” of Prevention of Gun Violence… But They Forget…

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It Seems Some Things Have Been Forgotten...

Lately we have been seeing protests against gun violence and guns themselves. As a responsible gun owner at one time(I haven't owned a gun in several years) I have to say that these protests, although meant as a good thing, have, at least to me, become a bit tiresome. The problem as I see it, is the students who are protesting and marching, are forgetting something. 

What they are forgetting, is why some of these former students have become bat shit crazy and are killing other students. Yes, former students are killing other students that they have had constant daily interactions with. It seems the Internet has been flooded with faces of a "few" who seem to be the heros of the day, and yet I see them not as heros, but as zeros... The reason being, they can "cry" all they want about guns and gun violence, but they have forgotten why some have turned to the extreme of killing other students. 

Right now they are in the "spotlight" so if they are wanting to help stop gun violence, maybe they should also focus on why some of their fellow students, all of a sudden grab a gun and start shooting. It doesn't matter what their weapon of choice may be, it is the why they decided to go to that extreme. If someone has been pushed to the edge, they are quite capable of killing others with any weapon. A knife, a car, a bomb... all will do the job. A gun is not needed. I realize some weapons have a far more better capability to kill in a much faster and effecient time, but the gun is not the problem. 


The problem is BULLYING! Many of these people are being bullied till they can't take it any longer, and they come to one or two solutions... kill themselves, or go kill what is their torment. It isn't right, there are no excuses, but to them, they feel perfectly justified. Many of them go into the killing mode, perfectly at peace with the thought they are going to end up being killed themselves, some even welcome it, knowing they didn't have to do it themselves.  

So while the main characters in the student protests, one weeping, the other holding his arm in the air like a nazi, the forgotten, the bullied, are still left on their own, no one is speaking out for them. So while these "leaders" in the students protests have the worlds attention, maybe they can also take a little of their "time" and 5 minutes of Fame,  and mention that there are students who are being bullied, there are students who need help, and there are solutions. It isn't just the guns, they don't fire themselves on their own, there are people behind those triggers... Like I've said above, it doesn't have to be a gun.

     One of the many who have turned to  killing... 

 This young man is one of the latest to go on a killing spree, it doesn't matter, guns are not the problem in themselves... yes, guns can kill, but when you come to that point in your life that YOU want to kill, there are many other means to do so... This young man will eventually be put to death, and I bet he doesn't care, and can't wait...




This is my opinion, and doesn't reflect on anyone else, no one was actually shot in the making of this post...

What’s Wrong With A Free Opportunity?

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An Expanding Industry-Hemp Oil Products

There seems to be some problem when trying to get people to try something that is absolutely free. I guess there are many who hear the word free, and thing the opportunity is only as good as the cost to start up, so if it is free, then it must be worth nothing. 

WRONG! What many people don't understand, is there are companies who depend on others to help them sell their products or services, otherwise known as affiliate marketing. I do realize some things that are given for free are worth just that-nothing. Then you come across a little gem that you are given the opportunity for free, and you can actually make a killing just by promoting the product, or products.

That is just what this new and expanding company is offering, a free opportunity for ANYONE, just promote and you can have your own business online, and it isn't going to cost you a single cent to start making money, and it's all for free. You do have the option to buy the products yourself, at a discounted price if you so desire. They are actually very good products and have been tested and proven.

 CTFO, as the name implies, Changing The Future Outcome. That future is theirs, and for those who decide that a free opportunity is sometimes worth more than the free to start. Get onboard today, in an industry still in its infant stages, but promises to be so much more in a short time.

If you are interested in becoming a business owner, click the link provided below and you can start today! What have you got to lose, maybe 10 minutes at best of your time, maybe less just to check it out! 

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