Let’s Arm The Teachers

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Adding More Crazy to Crazy Already

I just walked in the door, been a busy day. Turned on my computer, opened Twitter, and there it was. probably the stupidiest, most ignorant, dumb fucktard in the history of the United States. I'm sure I wouldn't have to name him, because 3/4's of you already know, but for those blind mother fuckers, It's Trump!

This idiot has decided that arming teachers, oh, excuse me, well trained, armed teachers. This is a bad idea no matter how you look at it, but let's take this one point at a time. 

  1. This will require a teacher to wear a sign all the time, stating, I'm the Good Guy! That's for the swat and police teams, so the teacher doesn't end up being shot.
  2. The teacher will now have to not only take training to be a teacher, but also as a marksman. Is the school, state, or the teacher themselves paying for this?Also, will they be paid more for taking this training and guarding a school against crazy bastards who decide they want to shoot some students?
  3. Will the teachers have to supply their own gun and ammunition? 
  4. Has trump lost his fucking mind altogether? 

I'm sorry folks, but this idea does not make any sense. Teachers are working now, without proper teaching aides, lack of books, supplies. Some teachers even buy supplies themselves, which should not be happening. Putting pressure on a teacher to look after the complete safety of a school, guess whats going to happen? The next crop of shool shooters are going to end up being teachers who snapped! 

All this is, is and easy out for trump and his party. People want solutions, viable solutions, yet this is the best he and his insane party can come up with? This is just him throwing a bone hoping it will take the pressure off, so he can concentrate on other things, about trying to keep his ass out of jail for selling his country to the russians, who by the way haven't had sanctions put on them, which should have been done months ago. 

I really wish we could all come together and figure out what would be a viable solution, that all would be happy about. That isn't going to happen, because the divide is so wide between opposing sides views and opinions. I do know it is high time that these differences have to be resolved, and action taken to try and stop these mass shootings. 

Arming teachers is not the way to go about this. Keep looking for a solution, stop trying to sell another dumb idea. 

Have You Been Stealing?

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Stealing and not Knowing?

Being a blogger over several years, I have come to realize I have used content that I shouldn't have. Well, I should have done more research before I used that content. You may ask what content? Pictures, images, that I foolishly downloaded for posts, and never even knew what I was doing was actually stealing. 

That is no excuse. If you are operating a blog, you should know the rules. I never steal anyones words, everything I post is original and my own, but there are many people who often copy and paste articles in whole, even though they give credit to the original author, and think it is perfectly fine. 

It isn't! You are allowed to post a paragraph or two, with a link leading back to the original article. The reason this is important is that many of those articles are earning the author an income, which usually comes from ads on the site it was originally posted on. So if you take a article in its entirety and post it, even with giving credit to the author, people are bypassing that site, and the author is losing out on possible income. 

Getting back to images, as a blogger we have often been told that readers enjoy visuals along with the written word. I agree, I enjoy blogs much more when there are images, and I try to incorporate images in my posts when I can. As i stated above, I have used images before that I had no idea I shouldn't have, but now I use perfectly fine, legal images. You ask where do I find such images? 

Okay, my go to site for most of my images is Pixabay. They have thousands of images and they are free to use. Although they do ask if you wouldn't mind giving credit to the photographer, it isn't necessary, but it is a decent thing to do. So now, I often put a little credit under the pics, unless they are my own. 

There are many such sites as pixabay, and for a blogger they are a godsend. pictures can add so much more to a blog post, after all it has been said, "A picture can tell a thousand words." So if you are struggling to find pics for use in your posts, here is three of the top places I use to grab images when I'm stuck without any of my own:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Unsplash

Now if you need to edit these photos to fit where you want to place them, there are plenty of free editing platforms and software, many use Picmonkey  which is free to use and has many good editing features. Canva is also a good site to use for  editing and  they also have free templates which can be used for many purposes. 

I do most of my own editing with a free software I found online called Photoscape. It has many great editing capabilities, free to use, and I find it easy to use. 

So, if you have been stealing, and didn't know, I hope these few links I have left here will be of use to you. Like I have said, they are free to use, and have great images and features. 

What’s Wrong With A Free Opportunity?

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An Expanding Industry-Hemp Oil Products

There seems to be some problem when trying to get people to try something that is absolutely free. I guess there are many who hear the word free, and thing the opportunity is only as good as the cost to start up, so if it is free, then it must be worth nothing. 

WRONG! What many people don't understand, is there are companies who depend on others to help them sell their products or services, otherwise known as affiliate marketing. I do realize some things that are given for free are worth just that-nothing. Then you come across a little gem that you are given the opportunity for free, and you can actually make a killing just by promoting the product, or products.

That is just what this new and expanding company is offering, a free opportunity for ANYONE, just promote and you can have your own business online, and it isn't going to cost you a single cent to start making money, and it's all for free. You do have the option to buy the products yourself, at a discounted price if you so desire. They are actually very good products and have been tested and proven.

 CTFO, as the name implies, Changing The Future Outcome. That future is theirs, and for those who decide that a free opportunity is sometimes worth more than the free to start. Get onboard today, in an industry still in its infant stages, but promises to be so much more in a short time.

If you are interested in becoming a business owner, click the link provided below and you can start today! What have you got to lose, maybe 10 minutes at best of your time, maybe less just to check it out! 

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Immigration…Legal, Illegal?

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I Find This all Very Confusing?

I've been having a hard time wrapping my head around all the talk about immigration. I do know that there is legal, and then there is illegal. I have to wonder why there are people who support illegal immigration? 

Our forefathers/those who came before us left countries and reached our shores, made their way up from the bottom, took on our laws, rules and even language, became citizens, and adopted our country...LEGALLY! 

Today we see many immigrants come to our countries, some legally, but at the same time, think we should let them have special privileges, let them use their own laws, so if that is the case, why didn't they stay where they were at? Nope, you come to a different country for a better way of life, not the same way of life and try to force it on your new country.

Now we hear there are people who are perfectly fine with illegal immigrants staying in our respective countries. WHY? 

I have no problem with people from foreign lands coming to our country, provided they do it through legal means. Why should these people be granted an immunity to our rules, laws, and regulations? Ever watch Border Wars? The US border with Mexico is patrolled on a regular basis, and not just to keep the drugs out, but to keep out illegal immigrants entering the country. I'm sure many of these poor souls have it very rough in their own countries, maybe they should all get together and try to fix the problem, instead of coming/going to other countries and creating problems! 

This is really a no-brainer, if they are illegal, deport them! If they have been in a country illegally for many years, that is THE GOVERNMENTS fault. They obviously hadn't been doing their job properly. For others to whine and cry and use this as an excuse is pathetic. 

It's much like a rapist pleading insanity... 

Judge: How do you plead?

Rapist: Insanity your honor! 

Judge: Insanity???? 

Rapist: Yes your honor, I was just CRAZY over that girl! 

I know, bad, but that's what the whole defense of, "well, they have been in the country for years".... is!

Sexual Abuse, and Shitholes!

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Sexual Abuse, Oprah, and the Teflon Don

We all do it. Whether we are waiting for takeout, a taxi, or a bus. The funny thing about it is it doesn’t change the outcome. It certainly doesn’t make them get there or arrive any faster.

So what is it we are doing? We are staring at our watches! I guess it is just human nature, I have no other explanation!

Isn’t it funny some of the little quirks and traits we pick up or have?

I have to wonder if they are something we inherit or something we mimic or learn. We all know how young children pick up on everything, they are like little sponges sucking in everything they see or hear.


There are several actresses who had no problem going along in order to further their careers, and now they are jumping on the wagon claiming they were forced. If they didn't participate they were told their careers weren't going anywhere. Well, has anyone heard of Maureen O'Hara? This LADY, yes LADY, didn't fall for that bullshit. Apparently, if you have talent, which she did, you will find work. 

So I'm assuming many who took the easy way, either didn't have the talent or weren't willing to put in the work and wait. So for them to come out now, many years after the fact and cry and whine, well, they get no sympathy from me. Besides, there are many young children, and teens who actually have been sexually abused, and take precedence over some whiny impatient bitches. 

For those who truly were abused, I have a high degree of sympathy, and those who did the abusing should be punished for it. As to Oprah Winfrey, she was a great friend to Harvey Weinstein, new what he was like and about, so her giving that bullshit speech was nothing other than to make herself look good to the public. I've never liked this woman and consider her a racist. As to her running for president, all I can do is LMAO! 

Now then, let's get down and dirty for a minute! 

I'm not a big fan of Trump. I just don't like him, but before you want to beat me with a stick, I am not, nor was I ever a fan of Hillary, either. I'm actually glad I'm Canadian and don't really have to worry too much about him, but I do still worry, because anyone as batshit crazy as him with the power he has, is dangerous not only to his country but those countries that are bordering to the US, not to mention those countries he is in disagreement with. 

What I actually wanted to say though, was about his stupidity when it comes to diplomacy. He has no idea how to interact with others. Anyone in a position such as he has needs to learn how to deal with diplomacy. Whether you agree or disagree with his policies doesn't matter to me, I just can't see a president calling other countries shitholes. They just might be, but you don't come out and say it when you have his position. Besides, he has cities in the US that are shitholes, he should be taking care of the problem within, before chastising others. Flint Michigan is a perfect example, those people don't have clean water! There is a big homeless problem, drug problem, and this is not the example of a country that ISN'T a shithole. 

Nope, I think the don should worry about his own people and country before he starts calling others out. Just my opinion, like it or not!