Have You Been Stealing?

Stealing and not Knowing?

Being a blogger over several years, I have come to realize I have used content that I shouldn't have. Well, I should have done more research before I used that content. You may ask what content? Pictures, images, that I foolishly downloaded for posts, and never even knew what I was doing was actually stealing. 

That is no excuse. If you are operating a blog, you should know the rules. I never steal anyones words, everything I post is original and my own, but there are many people who often copy and paste articles in whole, even though they give credit to the original author, and think it is perfectly fine. 

It isn't! You are allowed to post a paragraph or two, with a link leading back to the original article. The reason this is important is that many of those articles are earning the author an income, which usually comes from ads on the site it was originally posted on. So if you take a article in its entirety and post it, even with giving credit to the author, people are bypassing that site, and the author is losing out on possible income. 

Getting back to images, as a blogger we have often been told that readers enjoy visuals along with the written word. I agree, I enjoy blogs much more when there are images, and I try to incorporate images in my posts when I can. As i stated above, I have used images before that I had no idea I shouldn't have, but now I use perfectly fine, legal images. You ask where do I find such images? 

Okay, my go to site for most of my images is Pixabay. They have thousands of images and they are free to use. Although they do ask if you wouldn't mind giving credit to the photographer, it isn't necessary, but it is a decent thing to do. So now, I often put a little credit under the pics, unless they are my own. 

There are many such sites as pixabay, and for a blogger they are a godsend. pictures can add so much more to a blog post, after all it has been said, "A picture can tell a thousand words." So if you are struggling to find pics for use in your posts, here is three of the top places I use to grab images when I'm stuck without any of my own:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Unsplash

Now if you need to edit these photos to fit where you want to place them, there are plenty of free editing platforms and software, many use Picmonkey  which is free to use and has many good editing features. Canva is also a good site to use for  editing and  they also have free templates which can be used for many purposes. 

I do most of my own editing with a free software I found online called Photoscape. It has many great editing capabilities, free to use, and I find it easy to use. 

So, if you have been stealing, and didn't know, I hope these few links I have left here will be of use to you. Like I have said, they are free to use, and have great images and features. 

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