I Really Have To Wonder Sometimes


I can't begin to tell you how much this aggravated me when I saw it today. Not is it foolish as to who is protesting, a middle-aged white woman, but just the idea in itself is foolish.

I realize that slavery was a very bad thing, no one should be able to own another person, and completely control every aspect of their life. At the same time, this happened long ago and was basically abolished at the cost of many lives.

If one was to apply this same ideal to other things that occurred so long ago, the Native Americans and  Native Canadians should also be asking for reparations. They had all their lands and rights taken away, and forced to live on reservations. Shouldn't they expect to be paid for all they lost?

The Jews who had relatives completely wiped out in Nazi prison/internment camps, should they ask for reparations as well.

What of the Japanese who were placed in camps during the war, they came to a new country to live in peace, make a new life, and at the first outset of war were imprisoned as potential security risks to the American populace. They should get onboard the reparation bandwagon as well.

Those atrocities are long since over, and people expecting to get paid for something that occurred that long ago should finally get over it and move on with their lives, and quit expecting something for nothing. There are no more slaves as it applies to this nutcases' protest.

If these people are so concerned about slavery, maybe they should look into the slavery of today where it applies to some of the rich people who own businesses and are having their products made in foreign countries by child labor, which is just about the same as slave labor.

They should also be more concerned about young women and men who are grabbed off the street and forced into prostitution, It happens every day. I use the term young women and men, but usually, it is teens and younger...

No, we are not going to pay reparations, and if anyone thinks we are, they'll never live to see it... cause it isn't ever going to happen.