Unbelieveable but True

Immigration…Legal, Illegal?

I Find This all Very Confusing?

I've been having a hard time wrapping my head around all the talk about immigration. I do know that there is legal, and then there is illegal. I have to wonder why there are people who support illegal immigration? 

Our forefathers/those who came before us left countries and reached our shores, made their way up from the bottom, took on our laws, rules and even language, became citizens, and adopted our country...LEGALLY! 

Today we see many immigrants come to our countries, some legally, but at the same time, think we should let them have special privileges, let them use their own laws, so if that is the case, why didn't they stay where they were at? Nope, you come to a different country for a better way of life, not the same way of life and try to force it on your new country.

Now we hear there are people who are perfectly fine with illegal immigrants staying in our respective countries. WHY? 

I have no problem with people from foreign lands coming to our country, provided they do it through legal means. Why should these people be granted an immunity to our rules, laws, and regulations? Ever watch Border Wars? The US border with Mexico is patrolled on a regular basis, and not just to keep the drugs out, but to keep out illegal immigrants entering the country. I'm sure many of these poor souls have it very rough in their own countries, maybe they should all get together and try to fix the problem, instead of coming/going to other countries and creating problems! 

This is really a no-brainer, if they are illegal, deport them! If they have been in a country illegally for many years, that is THE GOVERNMENTS fault. They obviously hadn't been doing their job properly. For others to whine and cry and use this as an excuse is pathetic. 

It's much like a rapist pleading insanity... 

Judge: How do you plead?

Rapist: Insanity your honor! 

Judge: Insanity???? 

Rapist: Yes your honor, I was just CRAZY over that girl! 

I know, bad, but that's what the whole defense of, "well, they have been in the country for years".... is!