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Is It Free Speech, or is It Slander?

A Little Background First

A few years ago, my wife took a fall and hurt her foot and ankle. She and I went to the emergency room where she was X-rayed and examined by a new, young doctor. My wife has had several operations over the years and has had to go to the emergency room several times. I don't know if this young doctor was trying to be a hero or what, but he began asking me several questions which led me and my wife both to believe she was actually a victim of spousal abuse. 

My wife spoke up to him and told him off, and her and I both got up and left. He had also diagnosed my wife wrong. He said it was just a severe strain. This was on a Saturday. Monday my wife received a call from the hospital asking her to come in for a cast because she had two broken bones in her foot. 

The Beginning and The End

I made the mistake of writing about this incident on a blog site I was a member of. A toxic site, filled with religious zealots, armchair warriors, and people whose political views are something out of this world. Then there were the trolls.

When I had first joined the site, I had several friends (online friends) who I enjoyed reading and sharing comments. Of course, the trolls would drop in from time to time, just to try and annoy, some of whom were very good at it. One in particular literally stalked me from one blog to another whenever I commented, and always managed to put something negative and usually untrue as comments to me. I had this particular person blocked, by they could annoy me by visiting those blogs I had. They also managed to read anything I did post through friends of theirs... other trolls and just plain nuisance. 

So I had written my post about my wife's injury, and mentioned the suspicions of this young doctor. The next thing I saw, was this troll had written a post stating I was a woman and spouse abuser. Of course, the other trolls jumped onboard and made my life on that site misery. So I went from writing family oriented posts to mainly rants, I didn't see the point of writing my usual fare only to have it turned into something it wasn't. This was also one of the reasons I decided to buy hosting and start my own personal blog. 

The Conclusion

So with all the above being said, what brought me to write this was an article I was directed to reading a tweet on Twitter this morning. Apparently, a comedian is being sued by her ex because he says she accused him of abuse in her stand up. From what I took from the article, all she said was she was very sorry that her marriage had broken up. I was a little confused and sent a reply tweet asking if I had missed something in the article or if something had been left out, and I still haven't received a reply. 

Anyway, the article was asking for donations for this comedian's legal fees, it is a go fund me page. The title had suggested, whether what the comedian had done, was it a case of Free speech being censored. 

As you can tell from what I had written above, I believe that sometimes free speech crosses the line and borders on slander, and can be very harmful to people at times. Now I don't know if this comedian did cross that line, because like I said, it seemed I missed something in that article, or at least that is what I am assuming. Anyway, if you'd like to skim that article, it can be read HERE 

I think when it comes right down to it, I would have had a much better case for libel/slander if I would have pursued legal action those few years ago...

6 thoughts on “Is It Free Speech, or is It Slander?

  1. You see even doctors make the wrong conclusions. Sorry that happened to you and your wife. I’m assuming you wrote about this on the site us survivors now call “the asylum.” You sur

  2. You sure had a good case there slander. Speaking of which, looking at yahoo this morning there were several articles about some Olympic athletes being trashed on places like Twitter etc. After not doing well and not winning a medal. What’s the world coming to???

    1. I really don’t know Greg. I think anyone should be proud of their team and athletes. They worked very hard to get there, and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

  3. I don’t really know the actual laws about slander, but knowing this whole situation and who it involved, I wish you could have slammed his sorry azz through some legal means. Barring that, something stuffed down his pathetic throat would suffice. (Uh that sounded kind of wrong lol, but you know what I mean)

    1. I would have loved to have been able to sue his sorry ass, but I think being able to grab them by the throat and throttle them would have been much more satisfying. 🙂

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