Bussing It

Just Another Normal Day

Today a woman got on the bus,

She wasn't quite like the rest of us...

She smelled of cookies but looked like dough...

and the fat bitch almost crushed my toe...

Public transportation sucks at the best of times, but put a busload of people, dressed in warm, hot winter clothing, on a wet and cold snowy day, with the heater on the bus blasting, making the whole place smell like a wet dog, and then... A woman, who if you painted her ass yellow and painted two red dots on there, would look like a school bus from behind, waddles on the bus banging into people and stepping on peoples feet as she goes along... She couldn't help but tramp on other peoples feet, because she hasn't seen her own feet for years, and has no idea where they are or where they are going.

That was the start of my early morning. I guess it could have been worse, I could have been wearing sandals, instead of the steel-toed work boots I had on. Speaking of that, does anyone know how to take dents out of steel-toed work boots? 

Since it was a cold and wet snow day, the bus was full to capacity, mainly because many people have finally realized they have no idea how to drive in the snow and have taken to bus travel on days like this. Not  just because they can't drive in snow, but
because they can't afford the high insurance premiums after having a stream of accidents each winter.

Anyway, I got to my designated arrival point and made my way to my friends' house. He and I had a house to check out. By checking out I mean whether or not he and I would take on what work the owners had in mind. It was about a 40-minute drive and after hauling in the driveway, we knew before going inside they would be looking for another crew. Since we were already there, we did go inside and have a look. Yup, they'll be looking for someone else to take on this bad boy. 

So once again off we went for another 40 minutes drive for the return trip through the snow. We had another job on the go, so at least we had something to do for the rest of the day. This was another of those jobs from hell, which was started by someone else who shouldn't have started it in the first place. This happens quite often, people take on work they can't really do, thinking to watch a 30 minute YouTube video and they'll have no problem. After the homeowner realizes this and eventually fires them, they have to call in people who do know what they are doing, and it costs them double to have it finished.

I arrived home around 5:30 this evening, feeling tired, and a little older than normal, and the snow, even after it falling and making the city look clean for at least a little while, didn't make me feel much better. I guess some days, and we all have them I'm told, we just want to sit down and tune out our surroundings, and hope that later we arrive at a better place in our mind.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Normal Day

  1. I’m having a hard time getting the image of that woman out of my head!!!
    I’ve been pretty lucky when I’ve had to hire someone to do any work on my home, but I know there are horror stories out there.
    Hope you take time to relax tonight and tune out all the world so you can rest up for a new day.


    1. I’m just sitting around “chillaxin” today, will be back at it tomorrow 🙁 oh well! Thank you for stopping in Lia, I always look forward to your visits! Hugs to you my friend!

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