Let’s Arm The Teachers

Adding More Crazy to Crazy Already

I just walked in the door, been a busy day. Turned on my computer, opened Twitter, and there it was. probably the stupidiest, most ignorant, dumb fucktard in the history of the United States. I'm sure I wouldn't have to name him, because 3/4's of you already know, but for those blind mother fuckers, It's Trump!

This idiot has decided that arming teachers, oh, excuse me, well trained, armed teachers. This is a bad idea no matter how you look at it, but let's take this one point at a time. 

  1. This will require a teacher to wear a sign all the time, stating, I'm the Good Guy! That's for the swat and police teams, so the teacher doesn't end up being shot.
  2. The teacher will now have to not only take training to be a teacher, but also as a marksman. Is the school, state, or the teacher themselves paying for this?Also, will they be paid more for taking this training and guarding a school against crazy bastards who decide they want to shoot some students?
  3. Will the teachers have to supply their own gun and ammunition? 
  4. Has trump lost his fucking mind altogether? 

I'm sorry folks, but this idea does not make any sense. Teachers are working now, without proper teaching aides, lack of books, supplies. Some teachers even buy supplies themselves, which should not be happening. Putting pressure on a teacher to look after the complete safety of a school, guess whats going to happen? The next crop of shool shooters are going to end up being teachers who snapped! 

All this is, is and easy out for trump and his party. People want solutions, viable solutions, yet this is the best he and his insane party can come up with? This is just him throwing a bone hoping it will take the pressure off, so he can concentrate on other things, about trying to keep his ass out of jail for selling his country to the russians, who by the way haven't had sanctions put on them, which should have been done months ago. 

I really wish we could all come together and figure out what would be a viable solution, that all would be happy about. That isn't going to happen, because the divide is so wide between opposing sides views and opinions. I do know it is high time that these differences have to be resolved, and action taken to try and stop these mass shootings. 

Arming teachers is not the way to go about this. Keep looking for a solution, stop trying to sell another dumb idea. 

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