Making Unnecessary Excuses

Something is Terribly Wrong

For some reason, there are people who seem to not be able to comprehend the difference between disease and addiction. Some of these people are so-called experts. Why some of them have to make excuses for weak minded people the way they do is beyond my comprehension! 

A disease is something you can catch, or you can be born with it. They can make you sick, they can kill you, but it is something you don't get purposely. You can't counsel a disease to remove it. It has to be treated, ironically, with drugs! Some examples, as if anyone reading needed any are a common cold, the flu, cancer, and the list could go on, but meth and heroin are not diseases, they are addictions. Sadly, one of the ways to treat drug addiction is with other less "harmful" drugs like methadone. Have you ever seen anyone on that crap? They are like the walking dead. 

Alcoholism is not a disease, it too is an addiction. Yet we have these half-assed experts calling it a disease. I don't think there are too many alcoholics running around telling anyone they caught their addiction from anyone else, although alcoholism sometimes runs in families, one sees grandpa sucking back a bottle of wine daily, then decided, hmmm, maybe I should give this a try,  but it isn't passed down like an inheritance.

Meth and heroin addiction are just that, an addiction. Many people are addicted from day one. Crack is one of the worst and is killing today's youth, not only through its use, but through bad deals gone wrong, but it is not a disease. It is an ADDICTION!

We have to stop making excuses for these people. We have to teach our children these substances can kill you, they can take away everything you worked for, your family, your children, can all be taken away because of your addiction. We have to start when they are young and impressionable. We also have to stop this nonsense about gateway drugs. 

Any parent who is dealing with a child who has an addiction, my heart goes out to you. It isn't easy seeing a loved one rot from the inside out, it isn't easy when your wife and yourself are going out, and she realizes her jewelry isn't there any longer, or you go to that safe of yours and when you open it, the savings you had has disappeared. When appliances or tools are not where they were, and suddenly you realize where they have gone, or rather you realize how and why they have disappeared.

It isn't easy when you confront your child and all you hear are either excuses or lies. The usual lie is I didn't do it, or, I promise, I'm going to get help. The help lie is the worse of all because they build up hope in you, and you are expecting them to follow through, and most times they never do. 

Often while you are waiting for them to follow through, the thing you never expected to happen, happens. You have a cop come to your door telling you they have found your child in some ditch or dive, dead. Usually from what they call a suspected overdose. 

You bury that child, and what you have buried is an addict, not someone who has died of disease, but a once healthy child who couldn't say no to their inner demons and drugs. 

Treatment of addicts is where I think these so-called experts confuse disease with addiction. Mainly because the treatment is much like treating a disease. Still, no reason to confuse the two. 

No, addiction is not a disease, it is plain and simple... addiction is an addiction.

For anyone reading, this is just my personal take, opinion, what is yours? I'd love to hear from you.

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