Misleading Headlines

On any given day all one has to do is open their FaceBook account, look at their newsfeed, and you can be sure that out of all the stories that are posted there, if you open several, there are going to be many that have mislead you with their titles.

I realize they are trying to improve readership, but trying to draw you in with titles that are misleading isn't the way to do it. If they want to get more readers, then maybe if they improved their stories, things that actually would interest people, then they would get those readers they so badly crave.

A case in point is a story I read earlier this very morning. The title claimed that an infamous trophy hunter took her own life because of cyberbullying. Apparently, she was being harassed so badly she killed herself.

After I opened the article and read it, halfway down the article it stated that it was not known if cyberbullying had anything to do with her decision to "off" herself. So why did the title say it had?

I also want to bring to light that many seem to think they know you and what is in your head and heart by reading a simple comment. I made a comment below the post, complaining about the misleading headline, and also added it is too bad she killed herself and it is also bad killing for fun.

I had several different people respond to me, one saying,"thank you for pointing out how cold-hearted you are" and another saying that "I wasn't helping to champion my cause with such comments". Another blasted me because as they stated, Hunting is a sport dipshit if you don't like it, too bad!

I'm not sure how either responder got what they did out of my comment, but they sure do seem to know more about me than they really do. I'm still wondering what cause I'm supposed to be championing. As to the hunting as a sport, years ago I was an avid hunter, as were my father, brothers and my sons. We didn't hunt for trophies though, we hunted for meat.



I've never felt the need to have a giraffes head hung up in my living room!

I'm sure there are many against hunting for food, well, I'm not getting into that argument today, just going to say hunting for fun and hunting for food, are much different, but I wonder, how does giraffe taste?