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Missing Life and An Apology

Before I begin this post I wanted to apologize to all of you who come to visit my ramblings and take the time to read and leave a comment. My site was acting strange and giving me all kinds of problems, so I decided to delete¬†it and redo it all. I had downloaded a special plugin in order to export all my work, in the hope of keeping all the content, but in the process, I lost all the comments I had received. I tried to recover them but didn’t have any luck. I do have them, I just haven’t figured out how to import them where they belong. I’m hopeful that I will eventually figure it out! I do hope this doesn’t stop any of you from returning, reading and commenting, because I truly do appreciate all of you who drop in.

Today I was strolling along the sidewalk and up ahead of me I noticed a middle-aged woman walking toward me. She had her head down and was texting on her phone, completely oblivious to her surroundings. She was slowly approaching a parking meter, and I was just about to yell when she looked up and just stopped short of running into it. She was very lucky, I know, because as a kid I ran into one, and it hurt and was very embarrassing as well.

I see people every day walking down the sidewalk texting away, often running into other people, who often are texting away as well. I have even seen them almost get hit by a car not even looking before they cross the street. Then when the driver of a car blows their horn or yells, they look indignant and act as if the driver was at fault. They should actually be thankful the driver was paying attention and had the time to stop before they ended up as a hood ornament.

Now I’m sure anyone reading this is going to assume these are usually teenagers, but sadly it isn’t. Full grown adults who are supposed to set an example for the younger generation, whether they want us to or not, are also doing this. How do we expect them to learn any common sense if we don’t use common sense ourselves?

It’s kind of sad that so many are walking through life, heads down, eyes stuck on a little screen, and missing so much in life around them.

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  1. People have lost common sense. Last week some guy was texting and driving behind me as I approached a red light. Talk about scary!
    Something was going on with blogger. I couldn’t even see my homestream at all.

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