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Not a Profession I’d Pursue or Even Want To

As much as I enjoy writing, I'd have never wanted to be a journalist/reporter. I'm sure there are many who would disagree, particularly those who are journalists, and probably have many reasons as to why they like their profession.

I'd also have to think those journalists/reporters on TV may very well like what they do, but me, nope, wouldn't do it. Having to pry into people's personal lives isn't something I'd want to do, especially the way some of these reporters "get right in the face" of those they are interviewing.

Recently, I was watching a special news report, and was very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the report, which was nothing we didn't know before, hasn't changed. The event I'm talking about was the "update" on our niece who has been missing since June, and is assumed dead. Also assumed to have been murdered by a former boyfriend.

The former boyfriends body was found on a property last week, and was determined that he committed suicide, many think out of guilt. He never left a note, a hint, or a clue, to the whereabouts of our nieces body, if it was he, who killed her. The slimy little fuck.

Journalists must get tired of what I will say are three common answers, that give us no information and often seem to skirt the issues.

  1. No Comment
  2. We don't know
  3. We can't divulge that at this time as it is an ongoing investigation.

The "no comment" is usually from people we often presume are guilty of some crime, and it is their way of saying they have no intention of incriminating themselves, although this is understandable, it's annoying at all times.

The "I don't know..." then the journalist has apparently been asking the wrong people for information, or they are being lied to.

The "I can't divulge that at this time", well then why the fuck did you hold a news conference in the first place? Why waste the family's time,build up their hope, and all those who  actually cares time, only to be disappointed once again?We heard this answer several times in the update, and it infuriates the crap out of me.

After the news conference I watched the other day, my heart went out to our nieces family, especially her mother. This lady has had her hopes built up so many times,only to have them pulled out from under her feet. Interviewed time and time again, and for what reason?

They ask the same dayum questions, and she has no answers, she only knows her little girl is still missing, and likely will never be coming home again.

Nope, I'd never want to be a reporter or a journalist. I just don't have that in me...