SnowFlakes, Snowflakes Every Where

Was It Something We Did or Said?

This morning, as I do every morning, got out of bed, made the coffee, took care of the morning rituals, then turned on the idiot box to see if I could catch the morning weather, and local news. As I sat down with coffee in hand, the weather came on, and as I suspected, they told me plain and simple, It's COLD! Going to be COLD! 

Well, at least they got it right. Just after this informative weather forecast, instead of local news, a program came on with a panel of educators, and a few students, to discuss the increase in high anxiety and depression of todays college and university students. I have to tell you, I almost spit a mouthful of coffee when I heard that. 

I'm not sure why todays students are any more stressed than those that came before them, I realize the world has changed, but we as a living breathing lifeforce adapt and change as well, or maybe I should say some of us have... It seems that this Me! Me! generation is a generation of pussies and snowflakes, and need us to treat them as the babies they seem to be. 

We have to be careful in all we say around them or to them because their little feelings get hurt. This is really evident on Social media sites, where they run to an admin to block or have someone removed should they actually be told off about something stupid they did or said.  

Getting back to this panel, there was even one young "lady" who had a service dog to help her with her anxiety. I'm not sure how that works, but I recalled being on a bus one day when she came on the bus with her service dog. She sat down, the dog layed on the floor by her feet, I guess that is what a service dog does for people who have anxiety problems. 

One of the other young lady's on the panel was about 100 pounds overweight, and here she was telling this panel how her depression and anxiety was affecting her sleeping, she wasn't able to eat, or drink, and taking one look at her, she should have thought it a godsend she couldn't be stuffing her pie hole full, she sure didn't look like she missed too many meals to me. 

I'm thinking these afflicted with so much anxiety and depression, should, at their respective universities and colleges become psychiatrists, then they could treat themselves, and we wouldn't have to listen to this bullshit.

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