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The New Generation… We’re In Trouble!

Oh The Shame of It All!

I often see posts on FaceBook which state how glad some were born before the age of technology completely took over and destroyed the simple way of living. How we all played outdoors, didn't walk along like zombies with our heads down texting away and running into sign posts, parking meters, and every once in awhile walking out into traffic to become a hood ornament for a city transit bus.

I actually have to agree with those that feel that way! As a father of two boys, I thought we were all going to hell in a hand basket when my two sons would be in their room playing rap, which by my thinking was the start of the ruination of what we call music. I grew up with James Taylor, Styx, Lynard Skynard, you know, real music. It's been going downhill ever since rap was introduced. I don't know what music execs were thinking, but it's their fault! 

Over the years we have seen so many different trends.

Swallowing live goldfish, packing as many people into a Volkswagon as you could, and now.... eating fucking tide pods. Holy crap on a cracker, I had no idea mental illness has been so rampant in this new generation of children growing up today. Surely someone saw this and didn't tell us. I have to assume that they in the know didn't want to cause a panic. Well, it's too dayum late, we have seen, we are panicking. The US already has a brain dead leader, Canada has a fool in charge, and we have children who are washing their own mouths out with soap, and they are supposed to grow up and be in charge someday? 

Tide, Now Cleaning Children from the inside out!

Hitlers Revenge... The Beetle

Well, folks, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but to put it simply, WE'RE FUCKED! 

I have been posting now and then on Twitter about the scandalous actions of Trump, you know, the grab them by the pussy stuff, well, now I have to say that here in the great white north, (That's Canada for those who still have their heads up their asses) we now have our own sex scandal going on. Seems the leader of the PC party in Ontario, had a bad case of grab ass as well. Although he did the decent thing and stepped down, maybe because he thought if he did, the allegations would all go away, I think he's a little delusional in his thinking, we shall see!


The NOT so honorable Patrick Brown

  Nothing to see here folks, move along... if only it were that simple, but it isn't and it isn't going to go away, as much as this asshole, Patrick Brown wishes it would. When one is running for public office, one should consider those things that can come back and bite you in the ass. The problem is that these people, once they get that power they crave, think that they are above the law. Although many of them get away with things the normal tax paying citizen doesn't. 

Yes, folks, it's a new world, our children are growing up to be idiots. I'd like to think that blame lies on the parents, but that excuse can only go so far. It seems every time some outrageous crime is committed, the offender arrested, the given reason for their crime... they had a hard upbringing. Tell that to those who grew up during the great depression with a straight face! 

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  1. Sadly it’s not the world we grew up in. I love the groups you mentioned, today’s music is 99% crap. And it’s not juse eao music…..

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