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The Should Have Been Comedian?

So on any given day, I take two or four buses, depending on where it is I have to get to. Now contrary to popular belief, I am a people person. When I'm at a bus stop waiting, and someone walks up to the stop, my usual reaction is to say Hello! Some return the greeting, and some ignore as if deaf and dumb. If saying Hello is hard for you, I feel sorry for you. 

Most days the buses run pretty well on time, and if you take the bus as often as I do, you don't have to stand around too long and wait, mainly because you know the schedule. It comes in handy this time of year when it's so dayum cold out, the less time standing and waiting, the less time you have to freeze and end up pissing icicles when you get home. 

The Comedian

Yesterday I had to go to a job site and finish a little sanding. The entire process took me 20 minutes, the trip there and back took 2 1/2 hours. On my return trip, I was standing at the bus stop, and there was a middle-aged couple waiting there as well. I gave my usual "Hi!" and was ignored, so I stood there silently waiting for the bus. As I stood there, a woman approached the bus stop and stood beside me. All at once she began a bit of chatter, asking me how long the bus would be, and where did I have to go. Now usually I don't receive this sort of attention and it took me off guard, although I will admit it was very nice to have someone to talk to while waiting instead of standing there like a statue.

She told me her baby sister was actually at the bus terminal writing a test to become a bus driver! She then started telling jokes to me. One right after another, and they were funny too! She also told me a little of her family and concentrated mostly on her young nieces and nephew. She was very funny and very pleasant, and the wait for the bus didn't seem to be that bad, although it was colder than a witches tit out. 

Meanwhile, the other couple that had been waiting for the bus had moved a little further away from the two us, which by the way, we were laughing away and having a great time. Maybe they thought we were waiting for the "special bus" and they should keep their distance. Anyway, we paid them no mind and continued with our conversation, and her with her funny stories and jokes. 

It's so nice to have someone to talk to at times, because of most times, this is what you see at the bus stop... Zombies texting and no acknowledgment of their surroundings...

Finally, the bus arrived, and she and I entered laughing. She sat down in front, and since there was a lack of seating there, I moved on toward the back, but not before wishing her a great day, and telling her I hoped her baby sister did well on her test. A very nice lady, a nice lady indeed! Maybe the next time I take that same route I'll be lucky enough to run into her again!

Waiting for the Bus

5 thoughts on “The Should Have Been Comedian?

  1. Great story, skip! I think a lot of people these days are afraid to start conversations with complete strangers. The world is kind of a scary place now to a lot of folks.

    I sometimes will initiate a conversation with a stranger…not as much now as I did in my younger days. But people have literally started conversations with me with ‘you look like somebody I can talk to’….and they proceed to start telling me all their problems. I’m thinking, ‘like what??? Do I look like Ann Landers???

    I’ve never really had to use public transportation, so I have no idea what that is like.

  2. Last time I had to use public transportation was way back in the seventies when I lived in Houston. It was easier than trying to get around in a car. I really don’t remember many people being very friendly at the bus stop, but maybe it is because I was shy back then and didn’t really look at people so they felt they could talk to me lol. I’m glad you had a good and fun wait. Hope it happens more often.

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