Well, This will Piss a Few Off

I wasn't alive during the First, Second or Korean wars. I grew up around men who were, and who served. I can't imagine how awful it must have been for those men, their families. Waiting for them to come home, and the solders themselves, going into battle and wondering if their efforts were going to help put an end to the killing.

When I was growing up, the Vietnam war was in full swing. The US entered this war, and also, there were Canadian troops there as well, we, the Canucks were there to keep the beer cold, because other than that, I have no idea why we were there. I was surprised during the Vietnam war, there were so many Americans "stationed" in Canada, I have no idea why, but there sure were a lot of them... many still here, I wonder if they became citizens, or are we harbouring Murikan illegal immigrants?

Today, there are still wars going on, and I often wonder why we as Canadians are involved, and why it seems every war on the planet the Murikans are there? Are they "invited"? Does everyone want the "murikans" to come to their war?

I often see people thank american soldiers for their service, as they should be, but I often wonder if they, these soldiers think, we haven't saved our country at all, we were sent to a foriegn country and have no idea why?

I know they haven't protected my freedom, and I'm pretty sure they haven't protected their fellow Murikans freedom either. There isn't any war going on in our respected countries.

Lower gas prices isn't freedom, although thats what seems to "fuel" these wars on foriegn soil. No, These men and women aren't protecting yours or my freedom, it's sad they give their lives to the money makers, and big bank machines... the ones who fund both sides of every conflict, not caring who wins or loses, they are making profits either way.

So on this November 11th, remember those who died who actually were protecting our freedom, and remember those who are dying in vain, just for the sake of those greedy bastards who make money on their blood...