You Can Only Put 5 Pounds of Crap, In A 5 Pound Bag.

When It All Goes Crazy

I really wasn't sure what I was going to say in this post, I still don't, so I'm just going to wing it. This past year has been a shit storm. Side against side, man against woman, Republicans against Democrats, and liberals against conservatives. It's all came down to, "he said, she said", and nobody is really understanding what the hell anybody has really meant. 

Lies piled on top of lies, and the media machine helping with the distribution. Social media has become a battlefield with all these political posts, not a place to visit friends, spread a joke, or even a heartwarming story. It truly is saddening. 

Anyone like myself, well speaking for myself, I find it all very confusing. I'm not very politically motivated at all, I'm quite certain there will be a few who beg to differ to that statement, but my good friends will know I speak the truth about that. You see there are times I'll find something that interests me or I find amusing, and if it's political, it doesn't matter, I'll usually post it, and try to post it to where some of the more blatant idiots I've come to dislike over the years will get an eyeful of it.  Call me a shit disturber if you will, but I find it quite amusing at times. 

One of the things I do understand are lies, and lately, we have seen some real dillies posted by a  certain political and world leader. How do I know they have been lies because usually the first post is followed by proof of what he said he said, and what he actually said. When you are either that forgetful, or just plain arrogant, or maybe even a little down the genius scale, you should keep your fingers away from a keyboard of any type, I don't care if its even a piano keyboard, step back, put your hands in your pocket, till the feeling passes.

So in a few short days, the year will come to an end, a new one shall begin. I guess we can count ourselves lucky we have made it this far, with all thats been going on! 

3 thoughts on “You Can Only Put 5 Pounds of Crap, In A 5 Pound Bag.

  1. That certain person you refer to I’m guessing is that idiot down this way. Everything he says is a lie. Luckily WWIII didn’t happen this year, let’s hope not the new year either.

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